Letter to Mrs Wilson from 7 Squadron



Letter to Mrs Wilson from 7 Squadron


Letter from Wing Commander Lockhart informs her that her husband Squadron Leader C H Wilson was missing from air operation to Nuremberg on 30/31 March 1944. Crew had wide operational experience and hope that are safe but it will take a few weeks to get further news. Explains request in telegram to avoid any publicity which might prejudice possibility of escape. Expresses sympathy.




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No. 7 Squadron,
R.A.F. Station,

1st April, 1944.

Dear Mrs. Wilson,

I deeply regret to have to confirm that your husband, Squadron Leader C.H. Wilson, D.F.C., is missing from air operations.

Your husband was Captain of an aircraft detailed to attack a target at Nuremberg on the night of 30/31st March, 1944, but as wireless silence is usually maintained on operational flights, I am not aware of what may have happened, as nothing was heard of the aircraft after it took off.

Squadron Leader Wilson and his crew had been with us only a short time but all had wide operational experience and since joining this Squadron had created a deep impression by their keenness and undoubted efficiency. I have every hope that they will have overcome whatever difficulties they met on this occasion and, like so many of our crews, will have succeeded in landing safely, although it may take a few weeks for news to reach us.

It is desired to explain that the request in the telegram notifying you of the casualty to your husband was included with the object of avoiding his chance of escape being prejudiced by undue publicity, in case he is still at large. This is not to say that any information about him is available, but is a precaution adopted in the case of all personnel reported missing.

In view of the operational nature of this Station, it would be very much appreciated if all enquiries concerning your husband could be conducted in writing.

May I extend the profound sympathy to you on behalf of myself and the whole Squadron, with the hope that better news will come through in the very near future.

Yours sincerely,
[signed] W G Lockhart[?] [/signed]
Wing Commander.

Mrs. J. H. Wilson,
2, Kensington Grove,
Nr. Manchester.


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