Letter to Mrs Wilson from Margaret Wright



Letter to Mrs Wilson from Margaret Wright


Letter from Margaret, girl friend of crew member Sergeant K G Francis's, to Mrs Wilson writing of her sympathy for Mrs Wilson’s husband and his crew who have been reported missing.




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Two photocopied sheets, three-page handwritten letter and envelope


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19 Disraeli St.
Dewsbury Rd.
Leeds 11.
July 13[underlined]th[/underlined]
Dear Mrs Wilson,
I feel I just had to write you, and express with you my deepest sympathy during this anxious time of waiting of news of our loved ones. I had your lovely letter forwarded on to me, by [indecipherable word] parents , you see I am Gei’s girl friend, and I guess I am feeling this blow pretty badly too. I can well understand
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just how this is affecting you, as when I heard from Mrs Ferrier in Cananda, she told me you had three small children, and I [indecipherable word] then that God would surely take care of them, and that one day soon, I know your husband, and all the boys will turn up smiling. They must for all our sakes, and the boys had such faith in your husband, that I feel it will only take time for them to be once more back amongst us. I feel if we trust in them, they can’t let us down, and
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we will keep on praying very hard, and I feel sure our prayers will be answered, so until then keep your chin up, along with all of us.
Yours Sincerely
[underlined] Margaret [/underlined]
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[postage stamp]
Mrs. Wilson
2, Kensington Grove
[underlined] Manchester [/underlined]


M Wright, “Letter to Mrs Wilson from Margaret Wright,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 29, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10719.

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