Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks



Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks


Writes that she received letter from Mrs Shaw that an aircrew had been laid to rest in France and had received photograph of the grave. Enquires whether Doris had heard anything and asks her to get in touch with authorities to find out if Malcolm might be with him. With political and military squabbling the world over wonders whether boys sacrifice was in vain. Includes address of Mrs Shaw.




Temporal Coverage



Two page handwritten air letter


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It’s a month today since I received your last letter so hope this one finds you & your mother well. Last week I had a letter from Mrs Shaw dated May 28th & she says she has been notified by the Air Ministry that Midge & his comrades were laid to rest in a cemetery in France. We have not had any word to this effect & we wondered whether you had Doris? Would you please get in touch with Air Ministry & the Red Cross & try & find out if Malcolm was also with Midge? Being right on the spot as it were I think you would get more information that we could. We have written the Dep. of Air here but so far have had no reply. I think it would ease the dreadful pain in my heart a wee bit to know the dear kid was cared for at the last. Mrs Shaw also mentioned the A.M. had sent her a photo – I presume of Midge’s grave. She is very hurt & bitter poor dear & I’m afraid I feel that way myself. When one reads & hears of the political & military squabbling the world over, one
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wonders whether the boys’s [sic] sacrifice were after all in vain.
The days are grey & cold now this week the drought broke & never was rain more badly needed. Things were getting very serious. It will be a year this weekend since Keith came home but so far has not any prospects of leave. How are you keeping these days, Doris? Chin up & smiling I hope? Must away now – All our love
Lovingly yours
M. L Payne
Mrs. S. Shaw
48 Margaret [deleted] Drayton [/deleted] [inserted] Paston [/inserted] Av.
Drayton Estate
Just in case you wished to write her.
Senders name and address:-
Mrs F. Payne
Miss D Weeks.
37 Hawthorne Rd.
Bunkers Hill



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