450628 Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks



450628 Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks


Relates arriving home to find that a package had been delivered by A Edwards RAAF. Says that Edwards had seen her husband and been invited to come for weekend. Thanks Doris for items in package which caused tears, Discusses some photographs and mentions receiving many condolences. No news from authorities.




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Two page handwritten air letter


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My dear Doris
All the way to village I was saying to myself “There [underlined] will [/underlined] be a letter from Doris & there was! Now I have a sad confession to make – yesterday I had a fit of blues & for the first time for months went out to lunch. On returning home about 4.20 my eyes alighted on a package on kitchen table, & with my heart in my mouth I read “delivered by A. Edwards RAAF. note enclosed” just you imagine it, home for weeks on end then to be away just the day he came. However he called at the mills & saw Mr P. for a few minutes & he asked him to come & stay a weekend soon. Thanks for the sweet little gifts & booklets ect [sic] Doris, I’ll be writing by sea mail & thank you properly. The letter & snaps ect [sic] made us very sad, & I shed a lot of tears. The Squadron photo is Bruce’s by the way. but the other one puzzles me, with the elderly gentlemen & Airforce boys. The little flight sgt looks very familiar to us both but we can’t place him. Have wired my regrets & thanks to Allan. We have been receiving letters & cards of condolence from far & wide. It makes us very sad. Allen Taggetts mother wrote me & she does feel deeply hurt that all their information has to come from Peggy, they have had no official news direct at all. We have not received a reply from Air Board but Peggy has let Mrs T. know the boys are laid to rest in France. Am at P.O. writing & it’s raining & I’ve three miles to walk so must away. Glad you
[page break]
had such a nice holiday.
Looking for your photo. Am wearing the little “Imp” – was greatly intrigued by him! Our love to your mother & lots to you.
Fondest love
M.L. Payne
Sender’s name and address:-
Mrs F Payne
Miss D Weeks
37 Hawthorne Rd.
Bunkers Hill



M L Payne, “450628 Letter from Mrs Payne, mother of Flight Sergeant Malcolm Payne, to Doris Weeks,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/10621.

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This Item dcterms:relation Item: Letter to Doris Weeks from A T Edwards
This Item dcterms:relation Item: Letter to Doris weeks from A T Edwards