Map of Holbaek and letter to Roy Maddock-Lyon's father reporting him missing



Map of Holbaek and letter to Roy Maddock-Lyon's father reporting him missing


Item 1 is a map of Holbaek with the crash site and the location of two bodies and five survivors. It is captioned 'Where the crew and plane landed south of Holbaek.'
Item 2 is a letter to Roy Maddock-Lyon's father confirming that his son is missing. It is signed by the Wing Commander of 10 Squadron.



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Places where the crew landed
1. Site of crash
1 “Red” Berry’s body here
2 Jimmy landed here
4 Roy landed here
4 Johnny’s body here
6 Stan landed here
6 Andy landed here
10 Jim landed here

Map of the site of the crash:
0. Hjortholmsgaarden, the site of the air dual.
1. Old people’s home ‘Sogaard’, the site of the crash.
2. The blacksmithy belonging to Karl Petersen, Sonder Asmindrup.
3. The vicarage of Rev. Paul With Johannesen, Sonder Asmindrup.
4. Smallholder Ejner Næsholt Sorensen, Soby.
5. Smallholder Johannes Helms, Havremarken.
6. Doctor Vilhelm Schlippe, Sonder Jernlose.
7. The grocer’s shop, Vinstrup.
8. German antenna mast, Morkemosebjerg, and farm occupied by G[missing letters] man air defence warning service, Græsmarken.
9. The spot in Magleso, where the female informer was dumped on 2 Febr. ’45.
10. Marup Enge, where Jim landed in his parachute.
11. Smallholder Lars Peter Larsen, Skovager, Rye.
12. Count F.C.R. Scheel’s estate, Ryegaard.
Source: N.H.R. Scheel’s archive.

Where the crew and plane landed south of Holbaek.
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No. 10 Squadron,
Royal Air Force,
E. Yorks.

15th February, 1945.
Ref: 10S/502/2004/P.2

Dear Maddock-Lyon

It is with the greatest regret that I have to confirm the sad news already contained in my telegram that your son Sergeant Roy Maddock-Lyon failed to return last night from an operational flight over enemy territory.

The aircraft in which he was the Flight Engineer left base last night, and no further messages were received from it after that time.

I do not wish to raise false hopes, but there is every possibility that the crew had to abandon their aircraft and land in enemy territory, and are prisoners of war. In this event, he will, in due course, be permitted to communicate with you.

It is desired to explain that the request in the telegram notifying you of the casualty to your son was included with the object of avoiding his chance of escape being prejudiced by undue publicity in case he was still at large. This is not to say that any information about him is available, but is a precaution adopted in the case of all personnel reported missing.

May I offer you my deepest sympathy during this time of anxious waiting, and express on behalf of all members of his Squadron the fervent hope that we may soon have good news of him.

Yours Sincerely
Wing Commander, Commanding
[underlined] No. 10 Squadron. R.A.F. [/underlined]

Mr. S. Maddock-Lyon,
18, Victoria Road,

RAF letter notifying Roy’s parents of him being missing.


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