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Outline street map with number locations.

Map showing most of Germany and parts of Poland, Austria and Hungary.

Map of France with parts of Netherlands. Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Map showing southern Italy with Sicily and Sardinia

Shows northern Italy, Corsica and part of Dalmatian coast.

1:1,750,000 map of Balkan peninsula Greece and parts of Turkey and Bulgaria. Two versions of same map, the second with country borders highlighted.

1:3,000,000 map of Italy and the Balkans, Greece, Romania and western Turkey. Two versions of same map, second with country borders marked.

A map showing the fronts of attacking forces.

Map from east of England to Germany with routes to numerous targets including Hamburg, Hanover, Magdeburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Duisburg, Essen, Kassel, Cologne, Aachen, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Paris. A table at bottom right list bomb loads…

Shows route from Strubby area to target near Leipzig. Captioned 'W/O Allam, 227 Sqdn, Target Lutzkendorf'

Two maps. The first is of Egypt and East Libya and the second is of West Libya and Chad.

A small scale map of Aden with a small inked cross added.

A map of Central London with the Nuffield Centre marked.

An information leaflet with addresses, activities. clubs, assistance , tipping, places to visit, map of central London and a tube map.,

A copy of a map showing the crash site of the Halifax, LW 337 and their target of Hitler's Chancery.

A sketch map of where Reg's Halifax crashed after being shot down. Information supplied with the collection states that the sketch was drawn by an eyewitness, Dr Pincus.

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Two weather charts dated 20 January 1944. The first shows the UK weather and the second the situation in the Northern Hemisphere.

Top - sketch map of Tromsø Fjord with ship and bomb hits marked with x's and track line.
Bottom - annotated diagram sketch of upside down ship.

Sketch map showing Norway and Sweden with route marked up the North Sea and into Tromsø and return along similar route.

Left - at top of drawing a shoreline and Tromso, track direction, lower down the location of ship surrounded by 'x'. Bottom of drawing shows cross section of half of ship.
Right - hand drawn map showing route along Norwegian coast to Tromso and…

Show Coastal Command locations and Fighter Command sectors.

Aeronautical map showing Lincolnshire from the Humber, the Wash and north Norfolk.

A series of four charts at 1:2890000 scale.
#1 has a route to St Martin de Marreville dated 28/5/44.
#2 has a route to Saumur, dated 31/1/644.
#3 has a route to Nantes dated 29/5/44.
#4 has a route to Mailly le Camp

A chart of Stuttgart at a scale of 1:100000. It is titled Robert Bosch as the intended target.

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Newcastle to Prague aeronautical chart showing route to Kiel. Areas marked in red. Titled 'Kiel 15/9/44'.

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