Maddock-Lyon, Roy. Scrap book


Maddock-Lyon, Roy. Scrap book


20 pages. The scrap book contains items about Roy Maddock-Lyon's aircraft being shot down over Holbæk in Denmark 14 February 1945 and his subsequent evasion. It contains correspondence, photographs of the wreckage of his aircraft ZA-X, and what happened to his crew.

This collection also contains items concerning John Grayshan and Albert Berry. Additional information on John Grayshan and Albert Berry is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Maddock-Lyon, R

Collection Items

Pilot and Flight Engineer's Notes
Notes for Halifax Mk 3 and Halifax Mk 7

Warrant promoting Roy Maddock-Lyon to Warrant Officer
Promotion of Roy to Warrant Officer

Memorial service for Flying Officer John Grayshan and Sergeant Albert Berry
Item 1 is a photograph taken during the service.
Item 2 is a photograph of the unveiling of the Union and RAF Flags.
Item 3 is a photograph of the graves of Flying Officer John Grayshan and Sergeant Albert Berry with J Petre, P Andrews and S…

10 Squadron Crest and Service Sheet for the Memorial stone unveiling for Flying Officer John Grayshan and Sergeant Albert Berry
Item 1 is a colour crest of 10 Squadron, captioned '10 Squadron Insignia'.
Item 2 is an order of service to mark the unveiling of the Memorial Stones for Flying Officer John Grayshan and Sergeant Alber Berry.

The graves of Johnny and Red Berry. Roy Maddock-Lyon's Caterpillar Club membership card and a newspaper cutting
Item 1 is an image of the graves of F/O Grayshan and Serg Berry, captioned 'The graves of Jonny and Red Berry'.
Item 2 is a Caterpillar Club membership card issued to Sgt Roy Maddock-Lyon, captioned 'Caterpillar Club Membership Card.'
Item 3 is a…

Roy Maddock-Lyon
Photograph 1 is of 10 Squadron aircrew in five rows in front of a Halifax. It is captioned 'Roy is:- 2nd row down, 9th from left.' and all the Aircrew belonging to 10 Squadron'.
Photograph 2 is Roy Maddock-Lyon in a Sidcot suit, flying helmet and…

Evaded Capture in Denmark and letter and telegram to Roy Maddock-Lyon's parents advising him he was safe
Item 1 is a statement by Roy Maddock-Lyon on the events leading to the loss of the aircraft and his evasion and return to the UK.
Item 2 is a letter from the Air Ministry advising his parents that he is safe in Sweden. It is captioned 'RAF Letter…

Report on crash of aircraft of 10 Squadron in Denmark on the night of 14th/15th February 1945, and subsequent escape of certain members of the crew to Sweden
A detailed report on the flight over Denmark, the explosion on the aircraft and evacuating the damaged aeroplane. The subsequent evasion to Sweden is also described.

Roy Maddock-Lyon's Danish Identity Card and a map of Blockade Runners Flight Path
Item 1 is a Danish Identity card issued to Roy Maddock-Lyon under the name Peter Jensen. It includes a head and shoulders photograph.
Item 2 is a sketch map of Scandanavia and Great Britain with four routes described as 'Blockade Runners'. Captioned…

Roy Maddock-Lyon's escape Route to Sweden and a ticket from Malmo to Stockholm
Item 1 - A map of Eastern Denmark annotated with the site of the crash, Charluttenlund and Falsterbo Canal.
Item 2 is a ticket from Malmo to Stockhol issued to Roy Maddock-Lyon.

Dr Syrach Larsen, Peter Bredsdorff and S/W Carl of Nesko
Photograph 1 is a half length portrait of a man wearing shirt and tie, seated in a chair, captioned ' Dr Syrach Larsen - Lisa's Father'.
Photograph 2 is a street scene with a curved road, lamp posts and trees, captioned 'The road outside Dr Larsen's…

Johannes Helms and family, his house and Tollosse Railway Station
Photograph 1 is of 13 members of a family standing outside their house. It is captioned 'Hr. Johannes Helms and Family (Agnete in Centre)' and 'Johannes Helms and family'.
Photograph 2 is a house, trees, fields and a telegraph pole captioned…

John Grayshan's body and the Sorensen's farmhouse
Photograph 1 is of three German soldiers standing over John Grayshan's body. Behind is another body, marked by an ink arrow. It is captioned 'German Soldiers looking at Johnny'.
Photograph 2 is a close up of Johnny, captioned 'Johnny'.
Photograph 3…

German Night Fighter Squadron, The Sorensen family and Ingrid
Photograph 1 is 15 German airmen seated on a flight of steps. The main caption details how the Gruppe was sub-divided and a later caption reads 'German Night Fighter Squadron'.
Photograph 2 is a half length portrait of a man, woman and young girl,…

Map of Holbaek and letter to Roy Maddock-Lyon's father reporting him missing
Item 1 is a map of Holbaek with the crash site and the location of two bodies and five survivors. It is captioned 'Where the crew and plane landed south of Holbaek.'
Item 2 is a letter to Roy Maddock-Lyon's father confirming that his son is missing.…

The remains of Halifax Mk 3 ZA-X
Five photographs of the crashed Halifax Mk 3 'ZA-X'.
Photograph 1 is captioned 'Remains of Mid-Upper Gun Turret'.
Photograph 2 is captioned 'A Propeller'.
Photograph 3 is captioned 'Remains of Rear Gun Turret'.
Photograph 4 is captioned 'Engine,…

The remains of Halifax Mk 3 ZA-X
Five photographs of a Halifax Mk III 'ZA-X'.
Photograph 1 is a modern side view of a Halifax, captioned ' Halifax Mk III 'ZA-X''.
Photograph 2 is a Halifax on fire, captioned ' The plane coming down on fire.'
Photograph 3 is the rear of its…

Roy Maddock-Lyon and a Bristol Hercules 100 Fuel Calculator
Photograph 1 is a head and shoulders portrait of Roy Maddock-Lyon in his training side cap and uniform, captioned ' Roy at his Enlistment'.
Photograph 2 is a group of trainee airmen arranged in four rows in front of a building, captioned ' The…

Grade Card and Approval to enlist in RAFVR
Item 1 is a grade card issued to Roy Maddock-Lyon after his medical examination in Chester, 18 December 1942
Item 2 is a letter enlisting Roy Maddock-Lyon into the RAFVR, dated 29th June 1943.

Wartime Memories of the RAF
A scrap book of memories written by Roy Maddock-Lyon
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