Marion Clarke and Colleagues



Marion Clarke and Colleagues


Eight photographs from a scrapbook.
#1 is two WAAFs and three men sitting in the sun. It is captioned 'Joan, Roy, Bill [indecipherable] Control Officer.
#2 is a pilot standing in a snowy landscape. It is captioned ' "Mac" gave me this snap on my 21st birthday'.
#3 is Marion leaning against a lorry, captioned 'This beautiful old thing was my crew bus'.
#4 is Marion and six crew standing under a Lancaster, captioned ' "Hares Hounds" Squadron Leader Hares new aircraft'.
#5 is an airman standing at the entrance hatch of a Lancaster.
#6 is Lord's cricket ground.
#7 is Marion and a lorry.
#8 is Marion at the wheel of a lorry.




Eight b/w photographs on two album pages


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