RAF Ingham Heritage Group. Clarke, Marion


RAF Ingham Heritage Group. Clarke, Marion
Clark, Marion


Five items. An oral history interview with Marion Clark and four photographs.




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RAF Ingham

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Marion Clarke served as an MT driver during the Second World War, her main duties were on Bomber Command stations primarily driving crew buses. She talks about the conditions she experienced such as her accommodation, uniform, leave and dances.…

Marion Clarke and Colleagues
Eight photographs from a scrapbook.
#1 is two WAAFs and three men sitting in the sun. It is captioned 'Joan, Roy, Bill [indecipherable] Control Officer.
#2 is a pilot standing in a snowy landscape. It is captioned ' "Mac" gave me this snap on my…

Marion Clarke and seven aircrew
Marion and seven crew in flying gear, standing by the tail of a Lancaster with Rose-Rice rear turret, with twin 0.50 calibre Browning machine guns.

Marion Clarke
Marion and a Commer Q2 15 cwt van RAF 92275.

Marion Clarke
Marion leaning against a Fordson WOT1 crew coach, RAF 8841, captioned 'This beautiful old thing was my crew bus'.
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