Letter to Hedley Madgett's parents from Mary Stewart



Letter to Hedley Madgett's parents from Mary Stewart


Writes of Sergeant Ernie Stewart who is in hospital seriously ill. Injured when his aircraft crashed on return from operations over Berlin. Ernie was the only survivor and was not found for three hours. Suffered a fractured spine. Mentions visits from other family members.




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Two page handwritten letter


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2036568 LACW Stewart M J
Monday 20th 12 – 43

Dear Mr & Mrs Madgett,
You will lean to regret that Ernie is seriously ill, and is on the danger list at the R.A.F. Red Cross, Hospital, Northallerton, Yorkshire.
He was coming back from the Berlin raid last Thursday night the 16th when his plane crashed on the Yorkshire Moors, within sight of their aerodrome. He was the only survivor, and the rest of the crew burned so badly they have since died. Poor Ernie lay out on the moors for nearly three hours, being found by a search party, thank goodness.
Ernie has a fractured spine, and the specialist says there is only faintest chance that he will ever walk again. He is in plaster of paris from head to toe. He is conscious and in pain at times poor boy.
If you write to Ernie please do not mention his terrible injuries, as he is not aware of his dangerous condition. The specialist only holds out a faint chance that he will recover – so many complications
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May arise.
Ernie is cheerful to a certain extent and Mother and Dad have been up here.
I travelled up last night & saw Ernie at 5am this morning. Today he has had a little chicken and egg & milk , so you see he is able to take a little nourishment.
I am sending this little note thinking perhaps you would like to know about Ernie.
I must close now it is 9-o-clock & Mother and I are going to see Ernie before going to bed.
Yours most sincerely
P.S. I trust you are both well.
[underlined] Ernie’s address [/underlined]
Is 538 Sgt Stewart D E
No 14 Ward



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