Madgett, Hedley Robert


Madgett, Hedley Robert
H R Madgett


250 items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer Hedley Madgett DFM (1922 - 1943, 147519, 1330340 Royal Air Force), a pilot with 61 Squadron. He was killed 18 August 1943 on the last operation of his tour from RAF Syerston to Peenemünde. The collection consists of letters, postcards and telegrams to his parents while he was training in the United Kingdom and Canada. In addition the collection contains memorabilia, documents from the Air Training Corps, artwork, a railway map, diaries, medals as well as his logbook, photographs of people, places and aircraft. Also contains letters of condolence to parents and a sub collection containing a photograph album with 44 items of his time training in Canada'.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Joan Madgett and Carol Gibson, and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Madgett, H

Collection Items

Comrades unconscious, he carried on
Account of action for which Hedley Madgett was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal. Citation states many successful operations including one to Oberhausen when some crew lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen but he completed operation…

Today's Casualties
Announced missing from air operations: Pilot Officer Hedley Madgett DFM.

List killed in action, died while prisoner and missing. Underlined is missing: Wing Commander William Mitchell Penman DFC. (Officer Commanding 61 Squadron).

Reported missing from recent operations, Hedley Robert Madgett DFM.

DFM preferred
Notes there have been more awards of Distinguished Flying Cross than Distinguished Flying Medals. DFM is rarer award and is cherished. Comments on relative numbers of sergeants verses officers and numbers of DFMs awarded.

Note the names
Article mentioning smaller towns attacked as well as listing a weeks targets.

Many safe
Article mentions aircrew nearly 1000 aircrew losses when 137 bombers lost. Not all lost for ever, discussing chances of survival and becoming prisoner of war.

Kentish Times personal column
Madgett, Hedley Robert, Pilot Officer, DFM, reported missing on his 30th operational flight.

For gallantry - Pilot Officer H R Madgett DFM
Notice of award of Distinguished Flying Medal at the same time as reported missing. Some details of citation for medal.

Roll of Honour - killed in action
F/O Kenneth Marriott DFC. Obituary. Second tour Pathfinder.

Axis research station destroyed
Target photograph showing two Lancasters and anti-aircraft fire. Captioned 'a striking night picture taken during the RAF attack on Peenemunde aircraft research and radiolocation establishment on Aug. 17'.

480 minutes with a hero
A minute by minute account of a night bomber operation on Germany. Found in the papers of an airman recently lost in action. Records every incident in flight of Lancaster.

RAF hit new vital target
Article on attack on new and vital target - Germany's largest and most important research and development establishment - Peenemunde. Mosquitos attacked Berlin and Fighter Command intruders carried out attacks on airfields. Heaviest Bomber Command…

RAF bomb Nazi research HQ
Account of operation on Peenemunde research and development establishment. Mentions diversion attacks and Mosquito operation against Berlin. Forty one bombers and one fighter missing. Was a precision attack. 1200 mile journey.

To a Prisoner of War
Poem about prisoners of war.

Missing, Pilot Officer H R Madget
Received official notice that Sergeant (now Pilot Officer) Hedley Robert Madgett had been awarded Distinguished Flying Medal now reported missing.

Raid smashed Peenemunde
Sir Archibald Sinclair congratulates bomber command on the outstanding success of their attack on Peenemunde.

Life lost on operations
Article on loss of Flying Officer Francis Dunsford Norton lost his life on 18 August 1943. Buried at Griegswald [sic] Weick.

Mr Churchills war memoirs
Extract covering German Secret weapons and their deployment and attack by allied air forces. Discusses possible effect on Overlord.

Big raid on Baltic coast: 41 missing
Newspaper account of Peenemunde operation. Notes attack on secret research and development establishment. Followed United States Fortress attack on Regensburg and Schweinfurt. Desribes all attacks.

Details for Arthur Souter
'Sgt Arthur William [..] Souter, 1258417, Born 29/11/21 at Golders Green'.

Hedley Madgett's airman discharge
To Hedley's mother. Document announcing Hedley Madgett discharge as airman on commission.

Invoice for newspaper announcement
Invoice and receipt from Kentish District Times for 7 shillings and six pence for announcement on 27 August 1943.

Hours note
Table with three columns and two rows filled in with hours.

Note: '1,2,3,4 = 160.40'.
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