Madgett, Hedley Robert


Madgett, Hedley Robert
H R Madgett


250 items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer Hedley Madgett DFM (1922 - 1943, 147519 Royal Air Force), a pilot with 61 Squadron. He was killed 18 August 1943 on the last operation of his tour from RAF Syerston to Peenemünde. The collection consists of letters, postcards and telegrams to his parents while he was training in the United Kingdom and Canada. In addition the collection contains memorabilia, documents from the Air Training Corps, artwork, a railway map, diaries, medals as well as his logbook, photographs of people, places and aircraft. Also contains letters of condolence to parents and a sub collection containing a photograph album with 44 items of his time training in Canada'.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Joan Madgett and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

Additional information on Hedley Madgett is available via the IBCC Losses Database.


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Madgett, H

Collection Items

Hedley R Madgett’s Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying log book
Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying log book for Hedley R Madgett, covering the period from 23 September 1941 to 15 August 1943. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RCAF Swift Current, RCAF Medicine Hat, RAF…

Royal Air Force memorial Runnymede
Ceremony at the Royal Air Force memorial at Runymede. Airmen line the path up to the memorial with servicemen and civilians sitting behind on both sides.

56 Airmen
56 Airman wearing tunic and side caps in four rows. Front row sitting on ground, second on chairs and the rear two standing. Title 'No 4 Flight, No 4 Squadron, 10 I.T.W, RAF, July 1941. On the reverse signatures. H R Madgett is eleventh down in…

Briefcase and contents
Black briefcase with diary, 61 squadron plaque and other objects inside.

61 Squadron Crest
Wooden plaque with 61 Squadron badge. Includes dates added 1922-1943.

Wooden ruler
Wooden 12 inch ruler with H R Madgett written on it

Squadron operation honours, Spezia, 18/19 April 1943
Sketch of a Lancaster with engines running. Underneath 'Spezia, 18/19-4-43, Sgt Madgett, Sgt Robinson, Sgt Palk, Sgt Bradley, Sgt Wakefield, Sgt Barker, Sgt Souter'. Signed by AOC. Supplied with caption ' Sketch of Lancaster by P/O A. Pollen drawn to…

Air Training Corps poster
Poster for the Chislehurts and Sicup No 1227 Air Training Corps Squadron rally at the Odeon cinema in Sidcup on 25 January 1942

Extracts from Letters of G.H. staff in the forces
Three extracts of letters of staff of George Harker and Company Limited serving in the forces. The first relates to clerical duties in the army, the second complains of nothing happening apart from being snowed in and the third waiting to start…

Christmas in the Army 1941
Christmas greetings to employees of George Harker and Company Limited. Relates Christmas day activities of an army unit in the Middle East as well as wishing employees well.

Railway map of Canada and the United States
Railway map covering Canada and the United States listing Canadian Pacific passenger and freight agencies in the United States and showing location of Canadian Pacific Hotels.

Chislehurst and Sidcup Squadron Air Training Corps honour scroll
Scroll to honour Cadet H R Madgett on proceeding to active service in the Royal Air Force

Hedley Madgett diary 1943
Entries for January, February and part of May 1943. Entries include shopping list, reminders, addresses, appointments and train times/journeys.

Hedley Madgett RAF Diary 1943
Entries start at home and then cover posting to RAF Waddington and Winthorpe, medical boards and leaves. Posted to 61 Squadron at RAF Syerston on 10 March 1942. Covers first 18 operations starting 22 March and ending 12 June 1943. Targets include…

Hedley Madgett diary 1942
Beginning of the year daily entries describe weather, training and activities at Medicine Hat. Course finished mid February and takes leave to see female friend in United States before travelling to St Johns. Voyage in convoy back to United Kingdom…

Hedley Madgett diary 1941
Daily entries for most of year 1941, First half of year entries cover events in England before joining Royal Air Force. Entry for May includes call up papers and travel to Stratford on Avon. June move to Scarborough. August to Wilmslow, sea journey…

Hedley Madgett diary 1940
A few general entries for January 1940. Entries for October/November 1941 include two attempts to volunteer for pilot, successful at the second attempt in November. Entries on general events and other concerning activities involved in joining Royal…

Hedley Madgett's decorations
Four medals on mounting bar. Distinguished Flying Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Aircrew Europe Star and War Medal 1939–1945.

Pilots wings
Royal Air Force pilot bevet

Small silver coloured key on yellow string.

Luggage tag
Leather luggage tag with leather buckled strap. label reads 'P/O H R Madgett, RAF'.

Pale blue bead with darker blue, brown and yellow spots. Remnant of string through hole in bead.

Padlock and key chain
Brass 'Star' padlock and chain with key ring and several keys on one end and leather button hole on other.

Snowbound road
Taken from the front seat of a car showing snow covered road surrounded by trees.

Half length portrait of a woman with dark hair wearing a poker dot dress. On the reverse 'Talk about awful picture, think this would take the prize!'.
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