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Six medals awarded to Robert -
The 1939 to 1945 Star
Air Crew Europe Star
Defence Medal
War Medal
Bomber Command Medal
National Service Medal

Contains details of Private Doreen Dayman date stamped 2 August 1945 and includes testimonial.

The wedding party with bride, groom, bridesmaids and guests outside St Andrews Church, Kettering. A note of the reverse names others present.

Marion Clark grew up in Lincolnshire and served as driver at RAF Hemswell and RAF Ingham. She discusses her role as a driver and life on a bomber station.

Marion's life detailed, from birth, including her days with the RAF.

Five photographs from an album.
#1 is a WAAF holding a dog. Behind is an ambulance. It is captioned 'Pat at Bentley Priory'.
#2 is three WAAFs and two airmen in the sun, captioned 'Joan, Bill, Peg, Maggie & Freddie, sunning themselves outside…

Marion and seven crew in flying gear, standing by the tail of a Lancaster with Rose-Rice rear turret, with twin 0.50 calibre Browning machine guns.

Three photographs.
#1 is Marion standing in the snow at the tail of a Wellington, code 'GR', 301 Squadron.
#2 is Marion and a colleague standing at the tail of the same aircraft, code 'GR-H'. The ground is snow covered.
#3 is an airman in flying…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is an airman in flying gear standing at the entrance of an aircraft.
#2 is Lord's cricket ground.
#3 is Marion and a Commer Q2 15 cwt van RAF 92275.
#4 is Marion at the wheel of a Austin K6 Crew coach.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is nine ground crew and Marion, captioned 'Flight Boys of 170 Squadron December 1944.'
#2 is a sergeant leaning on a tree with a Nissen hut behind. It is captioned 'Here's to the Blood Wagon Chris wrote on the…

Three photographs from an album.
#1 is ten airmen and Marion, captioned 'My favourite crew R Roger also groundcrew'.
#2 is seven aircrew and Marion. It is captioned 'Randy & crew just returned from the last opp which was Bremen, 22nd April…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is two WAAFs and three men sitting in the sun. It is captioned 'Joan, Roy, Bill [indecipherable] Control Officer. Behind is a Crossley 4 x 4 Fire Tender.
#2 is a pilot standing in a snowy landscape. It is…

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is five airman and four WAAFs with a Union Flag. It is annotated 'Pat's 21st birthday party taken on Bishop's Bridge just outside 'The Bell' on the Market Raven [sic] Road'.
#2 is two airmen and nine WAAFs…

Perspex love-heart pendant containing Royal Canadian Air Force crown and eagle.

Six air gunners, three standing and three kneeling on a brick structure. From information kindly provided by the donor. '115 Gunners'.
RAF Witchford.

Two airmen; one standing in front of an armoured car the other manning its machine gun.
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Gunnery Officer and Armoured car. Is this the Gunnery Leader?'
No 115 Squadron, RAF Witchford.'

A pilot smoking a pipe.
From information kindly provided by the donor. F/O Andrewartha DFC, Skipper HK555 KO-E'.

From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Tail Gunner in turret, A.Stone.'

'S. Guyan with camera on dispersal. S. Guyan holding camera while others watch'.

From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Unknown Gunner with Camera.'

Two men sitting reading out side a Nissen hut.


Samuel Guyan standing in the snow.
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'S. Guyan. Winter 44/45. S. Guyan looking cheerful'.

Two photographs. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'HK555 KO-E Gunners, F/S McBride and F/S Stone (both RCAF)', and
'HK555 KO-E All Gunners -(S Guyan centre), R.McBride / S.Guyan / A.Stone'.

From information kindly provided by the donor. 'S. Guyan and other gunner under open bomb bay.

The cockpit of a Lancaster showing bomb tally. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Hk555 Mission tally. Poor picture from a bit of scrounged negative'.
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