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  • Collection: Martin, William James

Flying log book for W.J. Martin, flight engineer covering the period from 3 April 1944 to 13 November 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations and instructional duties. He was stationed at RAF East Kirkby, RAF St Athan, RAF Swinderby, RAF…

Seven aircrew all wearing battledress with brevet, four standing and three squatting in front all with arms round each other. Man back left smokes a pipe. In the background part of a bomber. The same photograph is mounted in his log book with names…

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and light engineer brevet and a side cap. Velvet curtain in the background.

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing battledress with flight engineer brevet, nametag and flying helmet and goggles.
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