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  • Collection: Stewart, Edward Colston. Imming, Muriel Audrey

A group of women arranged in three rows at Rutland Hall, Loughborough. Each woman is named underneath. A/S/O Imming is underlined and handwritten beside it is 'my mother'. Annotated on the front is 'My love to 55 CF Seabrook Fl/Off' and…

Five photographs of Ann Marie in WAAF uniform.
Photo 1 and 2 are the same head and shoulders images.
Photo 3 is a half length portrait of her in section officer uniform, leaning on a balcony overlooking the sea.
Photo 4 is her in WAAF blouse and…

A double exposed image with Roman ruins, scaffolding and a horse. On the reverse 'RAF Malta - Sightseeing -1944'.

Porte des Bombes archway in Floriana, Malta. On the reverse 'RAF Malta - ? Floriana Sightseeing - 1944'.

A plain church with a bell. On the reverse 'RAF Sightseeing Malta - ? Floriana'.

Correction kindly provided by Matthias Cantow of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

A stone built building identified as the Officers Mess, A set of steps leads to the entrance. On each side are terraces with umbrellas and officers drinking. On the reverse 'Officers Mess - RAF (?Malta)1945'.


A man in uniform. On the reverse 'Another Arab Iraq'.

A view of the harbour at Valetta. On the reverse 'With the RAF in Malta - 1944/5'.

An unknown road through a wooded area. On the reverse 'With the RAF - this road leads to -?!'

A small building with a cross on top. On the reverse 'RAF Malta ? Floriana'.

Correction kindly provided by Matthias Cantow of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

A man standing with a watermelon. Behind is a BP petrol station. On the reverse '- with the RAF -Iraq. My massive "watermelon" - purchased from this desert 'ARAB' - & flown with me back to the UK 1945'.

An airman sitting at the pilot's seat. On the reverse 'Commanding Officer of RAF Stn Iraq 1945'.

A WAAF at the controls of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Mum - at the controls -RAF Iraq'.

A WAAF in a horse drawn carriage, in front of ruins. On the reverse 'Malta. Your mum - in a Gharry RAF Malta 1944/5 en-route from HQ Air Command, Singapore to UK.' and, in pencil 'Mum in Malta Mum RAF Malta 1944'.

The four are standing under a Lancastrian wing. On the reverse 'Orly Airport - Paris - Mum enroute from Singapore with our RAF crew to UK'.

A WAAF sitting on a donkey cart. On the reverse 'Mum - with RAF crew enroute from Singapore & Malta'.

A WAAF standing by a street sign with 'Tangmere Road'. She is standing beside a RAF car. On the reverse 'Waiting for our aircraft to be serviced after forced landing at Malta - 1944'.
The image has been damaged.
A second image shows a man leaning…

An airman standing beside a main wheel underneath the wing of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Johnny - underneath the wing. RAF VIP Lancaster'.

A port side view of a Lancastrian. On the reverse 'Our VIP aircraft - Serviced & ready to fly to the UK -1944. RAF Iraq (Forced Landing)'.

A bowser refuelling an Avro York, 'VU-W'. On the reverse 'Refuelling at RAF Iraq - prior to flight to UK'.

The port side of an Avro York, 'VU-W'. On top are several men. On the reverse 'Our aircraft being 'Serviced' after 'Forced Landing' RAF Iraq. 1945. En-route from RAF HQ Air Command South-East Asia. 1945'.

A view over the harbour. On the reverse 'HQ Air Command En-route from Singapore 1945. Malta RAF (Sight seeing)'.

Four airmen under the starboard side of a Lancastrian. On the reverse 'Some members of our RAF crew under the wing of our Lancaster at Orly Airport en route to UK. 1944 (Forced Landing)'.
There is a second copy with, on the reverse, 'Part of - my…

Two slightly different images of an airman at a door at the starboard rear of a Lancastrian, VM735'. On the reverse 'Checking Aircraft - 1944 Prior to Flight'.
On the reverse of the second 'RAF Iraq - 1944'.

Two photographs of the same area.
Photo 1 is a view across buildings. The left side is obscured by light damage. On the reverse 'RAF Malta'.
Photo 2 is to the left of photo 1 and shows a man walking along a path. On the reverse '? Iraq'.
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