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A large group of men mostly wearing civilian dress but two in overalls and one in the centre wearing battledress and beret. Three men kneeling in front, with most standing in line and five behind on top of a Chipmunk aircraft. In the background…

View of starboard side of a parked Lancaster letters 'BH' registration 'NG265'. Submitted with caption 'Lancaster BH-V na lotnisku Faldingworth, maj 1945 r. W okresie tym latała na nim regularnie załoga por. pil. Tadeusza Wierzbowskiego'.

A large group of airmen wearing battledress and side of peaked caps sitting and standing in four rows in front of a Lancaster inside a hangar. Submitted with caption '300 Sqn Sept 1945'. T Wier is sitting centre of front row with his name captioned.

Air-to-air view from starboard rear quarter of an airborne Lancaster letters 'BH-V'. Submitted with caption '017 - ostatni lot z bombami - na kwatere Hitlera w Berthesgarden'

Two men one wearing battledress with hands in pockets and the other wearing flying jacket and peaked cap and holding a cigarette standing in front of the starboard wing of a Lancaster. Submitted with caption '009 - T. Wierzbowski - pilot i J.…

Extract of record for Tadeusz Wierzbowski gives personal and service details. Includes decoration cross of valour.

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Gives personal details dates and locations postings.

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Gives personal details, postings, locations.

Describes log books. Mentions August 1943 accident leading to no entries for September 1943. Gained commission in RAF in 1948. Mentions flying first jet in November 1948 and two incidents while flying and that he had shortened his name from…

Tadeusz record of flying at No 48 M.U for years 1952 to 1958. Lists aircraft types and hours by month.

Pilots flying log book for T Wier, covering the period from 3 October 1955 to 25 September 1959. Detailing his flying duties as a production test pilot with 48, 23 maintenance Units. He was stationed at RAF Hawarden, RAF Benson, and RAF Aldergrove.…

Description of all T Wier's medals.

Mentions that he has six log books to cover his flying career. Gives a brief outline of career starting in Poland and then in United Kingdom starting in 1940. After training he became an instructor until volunteering for operations and posting to 300…

Starts with commentary on family in Poland and names recorded on visits to Poland. Continues with account of early life, school and life in Poland before the war.
Flashback 1. Mentions first operation on 300 Squadron at RAF Faldingworth. Continues…

Eight airmen, two with parachute harness, others wearing battledress with side caps, two showing sergeants rank and one, third from right is an officer. All standing in front of Lancaster NG265 of 300 Squadron.Submitted in folder with caption 'TW…

Seven airmen, three with Mae Wests standing sitting and lying in front of a Lancaster, Submitted in folder with caption 'TW & crew'.

Seven airmen, all with Mae Wests standing and sitting in two rows in front of a Lancaster of 300 Squadron.. Front left man has parachute on ground in front of him. Submitted in folder with caption 'TW & crew'.

Six men, four with Mae West, two others wearing battledress. Four are talking together, one is reading and the sixth is watching. All are standing in front of a Lancaster. Submitted in folder with caption 'TW & crew'.

Seven airmen, four with Mae West, all wearing battledress, some with side caps squatting sitting and standing in front of an aircraft. Submitted in folder with caption 'TW & crew'.


Yellow, blue and red ribbon with silver medal. Includes ribbon and miniature all in box.

Row of decorations: Air Force Cross, 1939 to 1945 Star, The France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939 to 1945, General Service Medal, Polish Cross of Valour, Polish Air Medal with three bars and Polish Cross of September Campaign 1939.

1939 to 1945 Star ribbon with Bomber Command Clasp

Polish personnel documentation with details of Tadeusz Wierzbowski.
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