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On the right side a squadron photograph of a largen number of aircrew sitting and standing in front of a Lancaster. In centre front row a dog sits. Captioned 'Tiger Force, July 1945, RAF Spilsby, Lincolnshire O.S. TF450650'. On the left side a 44…

Reconnaissance photograph showing concentration of bomb craters in the target area where canal crossed a small river.

Cutaway diagram of aircraft engine with numbered parts and annotation.

Note mentioning marks converted in 1945 with Merlin 24 engines, m=no mid-upper turret, H2S, expected to carry 10,750lbs from Okinawa to Japan.

Details of fourteen operations between 1 November 1944 and 7 January 1945.


Two Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) badges.

Silver badge with crown and 'ARP' letters.

Crown art top, blue surround with 'Royal Observer Corps, Forewarned is forearmed'. In the centre metal embossed image of a man watching.

Maple leaf metal badge with 'Canada' in the centre.

Two pointed bullets and one round grey object. Two views.

RAF crown and wreath metal cap badge

Four red chevrons on black background for four years service.

Badge with crown and 'CD'.

Half brevet with 'E'.

Gold wire crown and eagle cap badge.

Armed forces veteran's badge in presentation box.

Top left - a bride wearing white and groom in uniform standing in a group in a doorway with columns.
Top right - bride in white with bouquet and groom in uniform standing on steps in a doorway.
Middle - two women wearing dresses and carrying…

Two women wearing dresses and holding bouquets standing in a garden with a young girl in between them. In the background trees and parts of houses. On the reverse 'John's wedding, July 1945'.

Half length image of groom wearing tunic with sergeant rank and half brevet alongside his bride wearing white wedding dress and holding bouquet. In the background trees.

Half length image of an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and engineer brevet alongside a woman wearing white blouse and skirt. In the background a house and trees.

Top left - a woman wearing skirt and blouse reclining on grass in a park. Top right - a half length image of a woman with houses in the background. Bottom left - a newspaper cutting headlined 'flyer weds' with b/w image of airman in uniform and woman…

Top left - head and shoulders portrait of a woman wearing jacket with wings broach.
Top right - a woman sitting in grass at the sea side.
Middle right - a woman wearing jacket and skirt standing in front of a large rock. Middle - a woman standing…

Top left - full length image of bride and groom, he wearing uniform tunic and her a wedding dress.
Top right - a full length image of a bride wearing white wedding dress holding bouquet.
Middle - half length image of bride and groom, he weaning…

Top - a course photograph of a large number of airmen wearing tunic and side caps sitting and standing in four rows. In the centre front row and officer wearing peaked cap.
Left middle - Half length image of four people (two men and two women)…


Top left - a bride wearing wedding dress sitting at a table with window in the background.
Top right - an airman wearing tunic with half brevet standing in a garden with tees in the background.
Bottom left - an airman wearing tunic lying on grass…
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