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Some information about 467 Squadron's history and about Lancaster R5863 'S Sugar' which is currently in the RAF museum at Hendon. Mentions operations on 6 June 1944. Includes colour photograph showing front quarter of a Lancaster inside a museum. In…

Writes about cricket unofficial test matches and playing himself. Describes being roped in as part of the corporal's team and getting top score and bowling. Goes on to describe other matches he played in Lincoln. Concludes mentioning going to the…


Five photographs of Barbara in uniform.
Photo 1 is Barbara walking up a hill overlooking Ramsay.
Photo 2 is Barbara leaning on a bridge at Dhoon Valley. On the reverse 'June 26th, 1945 On one of the wee bridges across the Dhoon'.
Photo 3 is…

Writes to Clark in hospital that he is sorry to hear of broken leg. Mentions he has not told Clark's parents of the accident.
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