Letter from Herbert Adams to F Bruce Adams



Letter from Herbert Adams to F Bruce Adams


Writes about cricket unofficial test matches and playing himself. Describes being roped in as part of the corporal's team and getting top score and bowling. Goes on to describe other matches he played in Lincoln. Concludes mentioning going to the cinema.




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One page handwritten airmail letter


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[2 stamps]
TO: Mr. F. Bruce Adams,
Mendooran. N.S.W.
FROM: Aus 424504
P/O H.G. Adams
[page break]
[underlined] No. 58 [/underlined]
P/O H.G. Adams,
AUSPO. Kodak House,
Kingsway. London
Wed 27/6/45.
Dear Meggs,
Well old sport, how are you getting on. Did you hear any of the commentaries on these unofficial Test matches over here. I’ve heard part of both of them so far – generally the last 20 [missing word] so before stopping for lunch, tea and the [missing word] We got a bit of a licking in this last one [missing word] at lunch time yesterday it looked like the [missing word] pull through after all with all day to get [missing number] and only one down but just 40 short when it was finis.
I had a game last Friday here in a pick-up match among the Instrument Section – corporals versus “erks”. I was roped in to play with the corporals seven men aside everyone fielding. I don’t know the reason, perhaps because it was on a concrete pitch with mats which most of these blokes aren’t used to or just luck, but I top scored with 36 not out. I had one over too – the second last of the game and bowled their only big scorer first ball. [missing word] other time I played here, in Lincoln with the Station team it was on a grass wicket & as I told you [missing word] the time I only got a few – couldn’t cope with [missing word] off the grass at all. You should be just about starting cricket season by the time I get home.
Saw a very excellent picture last night – “Two Girls & a Sailor” – best I’ve seen for years I reckon – second only to “Here comes Mr Jordan” in my opinion the two best comedies produced.
Glad to hear of the good rains again – good winter coming up eh? Hay’s bringing a good price isn’t it? Cheerio for now Bruce.
Love to all at Home. Bert xxxx




H G Adams, “Letter from Herbert Adams to F Bruce Adams,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 22, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/27299.

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