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J A Doxsey’s RAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book from 5th October 1939 to 25th January 1944, recording training and operations as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, and Transport Command ferry duties across Africa, Brazil and USA.…

Coloured map Africa 1:1,000,000 scale showing east African coast with Mombasa, Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam. EAF No 1620. Marked 'Restricted'.

Clifford Watson remembers his training as a pilot in Salisbury, Zimbabwe, but being scrubbed at the flying test. Tells of when he flew a Ju-88 at RAE Farnborough. Talks about the different wages in various trades. Tells of an emergency landing at RAF…

Walter Stevenson lived in a village where the only employment was at the local mine. He was working as a blacksmith there when he volunteered for the RAF on his eighteenth birthday. Walter trained as a wireless operator/air gunner with Coastal…

Raymond Isherwood grew up in Watford and when at the grammar school he joined the Air Training Corps. His first job was at a government laboratory, which was a reserved occupation except for air crew. As he had always been interested in aircraft…

A listing of William George Briley's operational stations and squadrons.

A group of black musicians in white robes are playing wind and string instruments. A series of pointed roof huts are in the background, two with light-coloured flags flying on them. In the background, a barren peak is visible.

View of the top of a Halifax parked on a concrete pan. There are several groups of men wearing uniform standing all around the aircraft looking at various parts.


Halifax parked on concrete pan surrounded by onlookers. In the background airport buildings.


A line of men, four wearing uniform with shorts, two wearing uniform with long trousers and two in civilian suits standing in front of a Halifax. The aircraft has 'Sarie Marais' painted on lower nose. The aircraft is standing on a concrete pan with…


Halifax LW125 parked on a concrete pan. Surrounded by onlookers and numerous servicing personal in shorts and tropical uniform. In the background right some low buildings.

Ken Hicks grew up in Wales and joined the Royal Air Force as an Apprentice Mechanic at RAF Halton. He worked on Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. He was later posted to Rhodesia and survived a crash in the bush. After the war, He took part in…

Oliver Gomersal was navigator with 621 Squadron stationed in East Africa and Aden. On 2 May 1944 his Wellington successfully attacked a German submarine, U852.

Account of search while on 621 Squadron, RAF East Africa in Wellington JA 259 for survivors of SS Tarifa sunk in mid ocean 13 March 1944. Found a boat and raft, fixed position and dropped water cans. Stayed with boat throughout the afternoon and…
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