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The board game has 78 spaces, numbered from one to 78, and arranged in spiral fashion. Players’ pieces are moved according to throws of one or two dice. Each square contains simple figures and a brief text about anti-aircraft precautions. Players…

Six figures in various poses (marching, standing, playing the bugle) depicting foot soldiers from different periods.

These toys were originally part of a larger set used by Alberto Dini to pass the time while inside a shelter in Trieste. …

Capstan 25 yards shooting target, with five shots taken, scored 48/50. On reverse, 'Don't worry about me when I get in Dave'.


No. 1. Course dinner menu card, 45 Air School. 21 signatures are arranged inside, under the heading 'Please sign return to BORDERLINE BOLDY. A dried bay leaf inserted.


Pewter tankard with glass bottom. Inscription reads: 'Presented by Aircraft Workers of the Shadow Factory Speke to 139 (B) Squadron R.A.F. “To those who finish the job” '.

Pewter tankard with glass bottom. Inscription reads: 'THE OFFICERS 139 SQUADRON FROM W/CDR. D. P. LASCELLES. DEC. 1940.'.

Pewter tankard with glass bottom. Inscription reads: '156 SQUADRON PRESENTED BY MR. & MRS A. PINION'.

500 drachmai note. Front depicts a Byzantine coin. On the reverse a church.

Front and rear of green 30 lire banknote and front and rear of red 100 lira banknote.

Front and rear of three one Rentenmark banknotes serials B52415467, D02660473 and B54165970 and front and rear of 2 Rentenmark note serial J07416142.

Front and rear of 1929 reichsmark, serial M27937609 with image of Albrecht Thaer on front right side. Two 1935 100 reichsmark notes, serial C6872523 and A2769619 with image of Justus von Liebig on front right side.

Blue album cover with gold outline. 44 Squadron crest on a white background. Label 'George Joseph Bubb.

Top is opaque glass coaster with 44 Squadron crest in colour. Below is a print of Lancaster coming into land against a yellowish sky and snow covered landscape with scattered trees. On the reverse address of the dealer in Lincoln, title and…

At the top, a photograph of George Bubb in battledress uniform standing in a field with low hedge in the background. In the middle a red dog tag and aircraftsman rank badge. At the bottom red and green dog tags, leading aircraftsman and lance…

Label at the top 'Leave/travel passes'. Top and bottom are two Form 295B leave documents. The top one just has an address. The bottom one is made out for Leading Aircraftsman Bubb with a leave address in Birmingham for leave between 19 October 1945…

Propaganda booklet about total war containing photographs quotes and text about bombing.

Blue rear cover of scrapbook

Sheet of green 30 gram cheese ration stamps in eight rows of ten.


One red and one green dog tag joined with twine. Inscribed '1747739 Bubb'.

Ostvolkmedaille silver star medal and ribbon with green with white vertical stripe.
Fur kriegsverdienst 1939 bronze medal with cross and swastika and ribbon with red and white vertical stripe in centre and white and black stripes at edges.

Defence medal, War Medal 1939-1945 ribbon; notification slip and envelope.

Two money vouchers for use in prisoner of war camps only. One value three pence with a Jan 1944 date stamp on reverse and one for one shilling with various 1943 stamps on reverse.

Domino tiles in a red canvas case with cover.

The hand drawn card has the message 'St Patrick pray for us' and on the reverse is signed 'To Paddy from M E Meally Lupe so Oro'. With the card is a lock of hair tied with blue string. The hair is in a clear bag with two sides tied with the same blue…


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