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The first letter is from the Air Ministry and is in response to a request to return her husband's bicycle.
The second letter is a reply to a request to send a last letter from her husband.

The first letter advises that Doreen's husband's bicycle has been despatched by rail to her.
The second asks Doreen to verify her date of birth.

Letter from director of accounts at the Air Ministry regarding disbursements to the family of the late Flight Sergeant David Boldy.

Letter from the Air Ministry to L Boldy, confirming that there is no connection between the identity of another man named 'Boldey' and D A Boldy listed as missing on 11 July 1942.

Letter to LM Boldy regarding the crash in which Flight Sergeant David Boldy was killed. Details about his burial place in Danzig (Gdańsk) are provided.

Letter from the Air Ministry to L Boldy, confirming that there is no connection between the identity of a man named Boldey and Flight Sergeant David Boldy listed as missing on 11 July 1942.

Letter from the Air ministry to S Belton confirming Sergeant Spencer Lewis Belton is missing.

Letter from the Air Ministry to A D Boldy confirming that half of a war gratuity to be credited to his son, the late Sergeant David Boldy, has been paid through the command accountant, Royal Air Force, Singapore.

Official letter concerning the financial settlement of the estate of Sergeant Leslie Mellor Tetley. Mentions that an over payment was deducted from the residual estate leaving a total value of four pounds nine shillings.

Official record of personal details of Ronald Henry Boone. Noted that he was discharged - killed in action on 12 June 1943 with a total length of service of two years and 163 days. On the reverse details of postings.

Contains personal details, release authorization on 17 July 1947 remobilisation instructions, clearance certificate, certificate of service, travel warrant and various claim forms for flight for Sergeant Langford Green.

In accordance with the…

Notification of awards for Leonard Green including 1945 Star, Aircrew Europe Star with France Germany clasp, France and Germany Star, War Medal 1949-45.

Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs Milling, the wife of Sergeant Edward Milling. His aircraft was reported missing over enemy territory. The results of enquiries made by the International Red Cross to ascertain the location of Sergeant Milling has…

Notification that Flight Sergeant Edward Milling has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal, with citation.

Letter from Air Ministry Casualties Board to Mrs E. Milling informing her that all efforts to trace her husband Sergeant Edward Milling had been unsuccessful and that there was now little hope of his being alive.

Letter from the Air Ministry to Mrs E Milling informing her that her husband’s grave has been found in a German cemetery but it and two others are marked collectively with the names and service particulars of three of the crew who could not be…

Invitation to E Milling to attend at Buckingham Palace on 14 May 1946 to receive the Distinguished Flying Medal awarded to her late husband.

From the director of manning regretting that James Bank's re-enlistment in the air force cannot be authorised.

A letter from the Air Ministry to Herbert O’Hara enclosing a certificate summarising Herbert O’Hara’s military service. The certificate notes that he served in the army from May 1939 to April 1941 before transferring to the Royal Air Force,…

States that Herbert O’Hara was missing following an operation against Mailly-Le-Camp on 3/4 May 1944, and informing her that efforts were being made to ascertain his condition through the International Red Cross.

Informs Herbert O'Hara's mother that he is missing as a result of air operations on 3/4 May 1944.

The letter refers to the crash of Sergeant Raymond Norman Percy Foster's aircraft at Dirmstein, Worms district. They were unable to trace the graves of Sergeant Foster or crew.

References John Firth's request for his log book which was forwarded with this letter.

Contains release of Flight Lieutenant S R Dawson as of 6 July 1946.

identity card for all members of the Royal Air Force, Women's Auxiliary Air Force and Dominion Air Forces. Card No 429137 for Flight Lieutenant Stephen Raynor Dawson
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