Letter to Mrs Foster from S Rowley



Letter to Mrs Foster from S Rowley


The letter refers to the crash of Sergeant Raymond Norman Percy Foster's aircraft at Dirmstein, Worms district. They were unable to trace the graves of Sergeant Foster or crew.



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P.403068/43/S.14 Cas., A.5
23 June 1949
Dear Mrs Foster,
It is not without hesitation that I refer again, after so long an interval, to the loss in action of your son, Sergeant R.N.P. Foster, but I am sure you will wish to know the result of investigations undertaken by the Royal Air Force Missing Research and Enquiry Service in Germany.
You will recall that captured German documents indicated that his aircraft crashed at Dirmstein, in the district of Worms, and stated that Sergeant C. R. White, a member of his crew, was killed, but no burial details were given.
The Search Officers have visited Dirmstein, but unfortunately they have not been able to locate the graves of Sergeant White or his crew companions, despite numerous enquiries and a search made over a wide area.
In these circumstances, we have no alternative but to arrange for their name to be commemorated on the General Memorial to the Missing, to be erected by the Imperial War Graves Commission.
I realise how disturbing this news must be, but I do assure you that everything humanly possible has been done by our Research Officers, in their endeavours to locate the burial place of your son and his companions.
Yours sincerely,
S Rowley

Mrs. M. Foster,
18, Rotherne Avenue,


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