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A letter from the Air Ministry sent to Joan Broderick to inform her that her husband Kenneth James Broderick has gone missing in operations. The Air Ministry reassures Joan and will inform her if they receive any news, and they ask her to do the…

A letter concerning the proposed government evacuation scheme detailing the circumstances for the proposed evacuations. The letter is signed by L.G. Rose Director of Education and Evacuation Officer.

A hand written letter to Mrs Hunt from Mrs Southwell, asking for news on Mrs Hunt's son, who went missing in action.

Arthur Emlyn Williams was working as a pump operator at the mines, before he volunteered for the RAF. His mother hid his first recruitment letter. He trained at Lord’s Cricket Ground, and Number 2 Air-Gunnery school at Inverness, on Ansons. He…

Arthur Emlyn Williams talks about his life before volunteering and what lead him up to volunteering. His parents were upset about his decision to join the RAF. In September 1943, he was accepted for training as an air-gunner. He started his first…
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