Letter to Joan Broderick



Letter to Joan Broderick


A letter from the Air Ministry sent to Joan Broderick to inform her that her husband Kenneth James Broderick has gone missing in operations. The Air Ministry reassures Joan and will inform her if they receive any news, and they ask her to do the same.



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16 July, 1942
[inserted] ans. 22.7.42 [/inserted]
I am commanded by the Air Council to express to you their great regret on learning that your husband, Pilot Officer Kenneth James Broderick, Royal Air Force, is missing as the result of air operations on the night of 8/9th July, 1942, when a Lancaster aircraft in which he was flying as captain set out to bomb Wilhelmshaven and failed to return. This does not necessarily mean that he is killed or wounded, and if he is a prisoner of war he should be able to communicate with you in due course. Meanwhile enquires will be made through the International Red Cross Committee and as soon as any definite news is received, you will be at once informed.
If any information regarding your husband is received by you from any source you are requested to be kind enough to communicate it immediately to the Air Ministry.

Mrs. K. J. Broderick,
C/o Mrs. Larrington,
Lindon House,

[inserted] [underlined] Document 1 [/underlined] Letter from Air Ministry 16/7/1942 [underlined] KJB missing [/underlined] [/inserted]

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The Air Council desire me to convey to you their sincere sympathy in your present anxiety. I am, Madam, Your obedient Servant,


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