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Seven crew, in flying kit, standing in front of a Lancaster. Each man is named on the reverse.

Henry Sturrock's crew in two rows with bushes behind.
Henry Sturrock's crew and six ground crew in front of a Halifax. The pilot is holding a small dog.

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A list of aircrewmen who went missing or died on the 8th July 1942. The list includes Kenneth James Broderick. The document also shows where each aircrewman is commemorated.

A group of military personnel on the grass in front of Twickel Castle, Delden. Frank Allen Hewlett is first on the right on the second row. Behind the personnel are some service vehicles and the castle. On the reverse of the photograph are the names…

Seven airmen standing at the rear of a Halifax. On the reverse each man is identified.

A group of seven airmen seated or leaning on the front of a car.
On the reverse each man is identified.

The photograph on the left of the left page shows two men in military uniforms standing next to a sign with indecipherable writing near Malahat Chalet. Aircrew brevets can be seen on the top left pockets of the men's uniforms.
The photograph on the…

21 aircrew posed in three rows, in front of a wooden wall. Captioned 'PO (?) Course no 9 AGs, 23 March 43.' individuals named, Rob is right hand end of front row.

14 trainee airmen arranged in two rows outside a wooden hut. There are two copies. On the reverse of the first the men have signed their names.

Large group of airmen arranged in five rows. Each man is named underneath.
On the reverse is 'Nuneaton OTU 1944', '139 Sqdn' and a list of names. Some of the names have 'killed' by them.

A formal photograph of 61 trainees, two non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and two officers arranged in nine rows at Bridlington Grand Pavilion Theatre. The trainees are standing while the NCOs and officers are seated at the front. Bernard Ross is…

Five trainees arranged in two rows. On the reverse the five men have signed their names: M. Dean, L. W. Downey, P. Alan, A. Whuptan, J. Bird

Six airmen arranged in two rows. Four have signed the back: S.C. Beagby, D.I. Robinson, (AG.) A.E. Greenway, (NAV.), K.C. [undecipherable].

Sixteen aircrew wearing battledress or tunic all with brevet, with side or peaked caps sitting and standing in two rows on grass in front of a hangar. On the reverse a list of signatures. Several of the men have one or more medal ribbons. Submitted…

Fifteen service personnel sitting and standing in three rows wearing tunic and side caps. Circle drawn around one face middle of middle row and crosses over three others. Faded pen inscription at top'[....] 1941', In the background a wooden building…

Formal course photograph No 63 Air Bomber course, in four rows, in front of hangar doors. Captioned 'No 63 Air Bomber course, RCAF Picton, Ontario, Canada. Self back row extreme right. Photo 1942'. Signatures on reverse include: R. Moore, J.C.…
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