Seagger, Alan


Seagger, Alan
A Seagger


An oral history interview with Alan Seagger (1920 - 2019, 1186497 Royal Air Force). He served as ground personnel with 33 and 41 Squadrons in Italy, North Africa and the Middle East.
The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Alan Seagger and catalogued by Barry Hunter. Additional identifications provided by Giusi Sartoris and the members of the 'Sei di foggia se' and 'Le grandi battaglie della storia' Facebook groups.




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Seagger, A

Collection Items

Tin containing photo albums
A tin box marked 'Lloyds "Gold Medal" mixture. Inside are the photo albums forming the collection.

Mosque, Aleppo
A large mosque with Arab men and women walking by.

Market, Damascus
A narrow market street, busy with shops and pedestrians.

Suk, Damascus
Arab men in a Suk

Entrance to Omayade Mosque, Damascus
The entrance to the mosque with columns and decorations.

Omayade Mosque, Damascus
Omayade Mosque interior. There is a courtyard, a two storey arched side and a tall minaret.

Omayade Mosque Courtyard, Damascus
A small structure of two storeys. The lower storey is arched, the first floor has a terrace and there is a pitched roof.

Damascus street scene
A street scene with a tram, pedestrians and a cobbled street,

Two Arab teachers, School of Sheiks, Damascus
Two Arab teachers at the school of Sheiks. Behind is a tall arched structure.

Street scene, Damascus
A street scene with a tram , bus and pedestrians. In the background is a Sinaniyeh Mosque.

Coffee house on Main Street, Damascus
Arab men smoking hookahs at a coffee house at the side of a road busy with pedestrians.

Suk Street, Damascus
A busy market with a minaret in the distance.

Mosque Tekieh, Damascus
A mosque with two minarets and a dome.

List of Damascus photographs
A list of 12 photographs of Damascus in the album.

Cover of Damascus Album
The cover of a collection of 12 photographs of Damascus.

Suk el Belapsi, Jaffa
The market with a large minaret behind.

Arab woman carrying water, Jaffa
Half length portrait of an Arab woman carrying a terracotta pot on her head.

Arab men collecting water, Jaffa
At the well. Four men and two donkeys .

Suk el Belapsi, Jaffa
Market with large minaret, framed by archway.

Suk Salahi with Mosque el Dir, Jaffa
A busy market with a mosque in the background.

Arab women at the well, Jaffa
A group of Arab women collecting water from a well. They are carrying the water in traditional terracota pots.

Mosque el Dir, Jaffa
A mosque with a few pedestrians

Arab women working, Jaffa
Two Arab women sorting grain. Behind are three donkeys.

Fisherman, Jaffa
A fisherman standing on a small rowing boat.

Coffee shop, Jaffa
A group of men in a coffee shop. They are smoking hookahs and are seated on low rafia stools.
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