Seagger, Alan. Album 09 Jaffa


Seagger, Alan. Album 09 Jaffa


12 photographs of Jaffa, a cover and contents page.


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Seagger, A

Collection Items

Suk el Belapsi, Jaffa
The market with a large minaret behind.

Arab woman carrying water, Jaffa
Half length portrait of an Arab woman carrying a terracotta pot on her head.

Arab men collecting water, Jaffa
At the well. Four men and two donkeys .

Suk el Belapsi, Jaffa
Market with large minaret, framed by archway.

Suk Salahi with Mosque el Dir, Jaffa
A busy market with a mosque in the background.

Arab women at the well, Jaffa
A group of Arab women collecting water from a well. They are carrying the water in traditional terracota pots.

Mosque el Dir, Jaffa
A mosque with a few pedestrians

Arab women working, Jaffa
Two Arab women sorting grain. Behind are three donkeys.

Fisherman, Jaffa
A fisherman standing on a small rowing boat.

Coffee shop, Jaffa
A group of men in a coffee shop. They are smoking hookahs and are seated on low rafia stools.

King George Avenue, Jaffa
A street scene with a roundabout and an Arab woman and child.

Camels, Jaffa
Five camels and a donkey

List of photographs of Jaffa
A list of 12 photographs of Jaffa in the album

Jaffa Album Cover
The cover of a collection of photographs of Jaffa
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