Seagger, Alan. Album 01 General


Seagger, Alan. Album 01 General


89 photographs of scenery, aircraft and service life taken in Italy and the Middle East.


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Seagger, A

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Winston Churchill arriving Heliopolis
Winston Churchill and a group of officers being met by more officers and a photographer as he disembarks from a C-47 at Heliopolis. On the reverse 'Helio'.

Two men and two girls
A group of four, two men and two girls, all wearing roller skates. On the reverse 'Cairo Roller Rink'.

Porta Arpana
'Tre Archi' archway framing children and pedestrians in a street in Foggia. On the reverse 'Foggia Archway into Market Place'.

Royal Palace of Naples
Detail of Gennaro Maldarelli's fresco 'Tancredi rinvia Costanza d'Altavilla a suo marito Enrico VI". A king and queen surrounded by soldiers, courtiers and children. On the reverse is 'Cathedral' [sic].

Additional information about this item has…

Altar of the Fatherland
Altar of the Fatherland with US Army cars and others in front. On the reverse 'The Kings Palace Naples'.

Royal Palace of Naples. Staircase
An ornate staircase with marble sculptures and statues. There is a domed roof with further ornamentation.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by Giusi Sartoris.

Fort Capuzzo
A sign post made from a barrel and rocks with landmines pilled at its base. The sign post indicates the way to Derna, Tobruk and Ein el Gazala. Behind is a CMP Information Post, tents and a tall structure with a five pointed star.


Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill and an officer on a desert airfield. Behind is a Lysander and another, smaller aircraft.

Naples Bay
A view across Naples Bay with Mount Vesuvius in the background. In the foreground are small fishing boats. On the reverse 'Naple [sic] Bay'.

Defused SC bombs
A group of SC bombs with their fuses removed.

Identification kindly provided by Gianluca Mazzanti of the Archeologi dell’Aria research group.

Monumento ai caduti
Three figures on a plinth surrounded by a stone balustrade with an inward looking statue on each corner. It is in the grounds of the Police Barracks. On the reverse 'Foggia'.

Ornamental fountain
A fountain framed by an opening. On the reverse 'Suez'.

Destroyed Heinkel 111
An aircraft destroyed beyond repair. A wing, engine with propeller and the tail are all that remain.

Promenade, Tel Aviv
A view of the promenade at Tel Aviv. On the beach are deck chairs and sun bathers. On the reverse 'Promenade Tel Aviv Looking North'.

Market place, Foggia
A busy market scene with a lot of people and market stalls. On the reverse 'Foggia Market Place'.

A dock with a ship, sunken or very low in the water, in the distance. Further behind are low hills. In the foreground a sole pedestrian is walking by.

Tentative identification kindly provided by Thijs Pieters of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2…

The Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
A street scene dominated by a three storey bell tower. In the front is a car and a pedestrian.

A large building with a spire and in front palm trees.

Fort Capuzzo cemetery
A cemetery with three rows of crosses arranged formally. Behind is a tall memorial structure.

Identification kindly provided by Gian Paolo Bertelli.

Crashed B-24 Liberator
Front view of a damaged B-24. Its nosewheel has collapsed and a crane has been positioned to raise the nose.

Cost near Sorrento
Sorrento in the foreground, Punta del Capo di Massa is visible behind.

Identification kindly provided by Marco Devigili of the 'In viaggio tra le culture del mondo' Facebook group.

Naples street scene
A street with double tram lines. There are many pedestrians and in the distance, on top of a hill, is Castel Sant Elmo.

Rodi Garganico street scene
A street scene with the Madonna della Libera shrine in the distance. No pedestrians.

Rodi Garganico
Rodi Garganico seen from the railway near the sea. In front is a sandy beach.

Damaged Wellington
A Wellington with a collapsed undercarriage. Ground personnel are working on it and a tracked device is visible under the starboard undercarriage.
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