Seagger, Alan. Album 08 Haifa


Seagger, Alan. Album 08 Haifa


12 photographs of Haifa, a cover and contents page.


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Seagger, A

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Bath Galim panorama, Haifa
Two panoramas over Bath Galim district of Haifa.

Kingsway, Haifa
A wide street with a bus, a lorry and many cars.

Herzl Street, Haifa
A view looking down on a street. There is a bus and a few cars.

The Road to Mt Carmel
A street view of a car on the road. Behind is the city of Haifa and the crescent shaped bay.,

Technicum, Haifa
The Old Technion building, a College.

Gan Benjamin
The gardens in the foreground are now known as Bahia Gardens. There is a large Menorah on top of a tower.

New Business Centre, Haifa
A street scene with a bus and a few cars and only a few pedestrians.

Herzl Street, Haifa
A street scene with a bus and a few cars.

Panorama of Haifa
A view from a low hill looking over fields to houses and the coast.

Panorama of Haifa
A view over the bay at Haifa, framed by arches. A ship is in the bay.

Casino Bath Galim, Haifa
Officer's club in Haifa

List of Haifa photographs
A list of twelve photographs of Haifa

Haifa album cover
The cover of an album of Haifa photographs
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