Seagger, Alan. Album 06 Jerusalem


Seagger, Alan. Album 06 Jerusalem


12 photographs of Jerusalem, a cover and contents page


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Seagger, A

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Jerusalem War Cemetery
The entrance to the War Cemetery framed by a stone gateway. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, War Cemetery'.

A market view. On the reverse 'Jerusalem. Suk or market of spices'.

Church of Gethsamene, Jerusalem
The exterior of a church identified as the Church of Gesthemane on the reverse.

Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem
A stone wall with a gated entrance. There are some Arabs standing outside. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate'.

Rockefeller Museum of Palestine Archaeology, Jerusalem
A large building on a low hill identified on the reverse 'Jerusalem Rockefeller Mus. of Palestine Archaeology'.

A view over Jerusalem. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, General View'.

Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem
A church framed by an archway. On the reverse' Jerusalem, Church of the Redeemer'.

Cavalry Altar, Jerusalem
Cavalry Altar with two priests in attendance. On the reverse 'Jerusalem Cavalry Altar'.

Scourging Chapel, Jerusalem
Interior of a church identified on the reverse as 'Jerusalem Scourging Chapel'.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. On the reverse 'Jerusalem. Interior of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre'.

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem
A street scene with four pedestrians and three church domes. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, Via Dolorosa'.

Citadel of David
A partially ruined stone building identified on the reverse as 'Jerusalem Citadel of David'.

List of photographs in Jerusalem S.3
A list of 12 photographs contained in the album

Jerusalem S.3 Citadel of David
Album cover for Jerusalem photographs. It features the Citadel of David and is thus captioned.
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