Seagger, Alan. Album 05 Beirut


Seagger, Alan. Album 05 Beirut


12 photographs of Beirut, a cover and contents page


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Seagger, A

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Cornice of the Jupiter Temple, Beirut
Stone ruins. A lion's head is in the foreground.

The six columns of the Jupiter Temple, Beirut
Six stone columns holding up a cornice. Behind are ruins and in the distance snow capped mountains.

French Avenue, Beirut
A palm tree lined avenue on the coast. Three cars are on the road several pedestrians are walking .

Lighthouse Quarter, Beirut
A view of the coast with a lighthouse on top of a low hill. It is surrounded by flats and houses. A fishing boat is moored amongst the rocks.

Government Building, Beirut
A three storey government building with a flag on the roof. In the foreground is a parked area. The street is lined with palm trees.

Pigeon's Rock, Beirut
A rock formation on the coast. There is an archway that can be sailed through.

High Commissioner's Offices, Beirut
Three storey building at the side of a tree lined street. There is a tall clock tower.

Maarad Square, Beirut
A roundabout with a tall clock tower. Behind are four and five storey buildings. On the street are two cars and several pedestrians.

Canon's Place, Beirut
A street scene with a tram, a few cars and a few pedestrians. Behind is a six storey building and other lower buildings with advertising signs on their roofs.

French Avenue, Beirut
A coastal rode in Beirut with a promenade. Behind are large buildings.

Beirut Harbour
A view over the harbour with fishing boats and two steamers.

Beirut- General View
A view over Beirut. In the foreground are three mosques and minarets with housing behind. Further away are low hills.

List of Photographs
A list of the 12 photographs contained in the album, in English and French.

Beirut Album Cover
A collection of 12 photographs of Beirut. It is captioned 'Beirut-Beyrouth'.
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