Seagger, Alan. Album 07 Cairo


Seagger, Alan. Album 07 Cairo


12 photographs of Cairo, a cover and contents page


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Seagger, A

Collection Items

The Sphinx at Giza
The Sphinx at Giza with two pyramids behind.

Mosque el Azhar, Cairo
A street scene in front of the el Azhar Mosque

Kasr el Nil bridge, Cairo
A road bridge across the Nile. Large numbers of pedestrians are waiting on the pavement. Police on horses are doing crowd control.

The Citadel, Cairo
A large mosque identified as The Citadel set on a low hill.

Elizabeth Church, Cairo
A view of a church identified as the Elizabeth Church in the list of photographs.

Bab el Haded Square, Cairo
The railway station at Cairo at Bab el Haded Square.

The Pyramids of Giza
The three great pyramids at Giza.

Panorama of Cairo
A view of rooftops, mosques and minarets.

Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo
The Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo taken from the side. In the foreground are pedestrians, a cyclist, a street sweeper and a man with a horse and cart.

Mosque el Rifai, Cairo
Mosque el Rifai, Cairo seen from street level.

Cairo street scene
A group of men standing and seated at the side of the road.

Tribunal Mixed, Cairo
Street scene with the Tribunal Mixed (Courts) behind.

List of Cairo Photographs
A list of 12 Cairo photographs, in English and French.

Cairo Album Cover
Album cover for a collection of photographs of Cairo
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