Seagger, Alan. Album 10 Damascus


Seagger, Alan. Album 10 Damascus


12 photographs of Damascus, a cover and contents page.


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Seagger, A

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Mosque, Aleppo
A large mosque with Arab men and women walking by.

Market, Damascus
A narrow market street, busy with shops and pedestrians.

Suk, Damascus
Arab men in a Suk

Entrance to Omayade Mosque, Damascus
The entrance to the mosque with columns and decorations.

Omayade Mosque, Damascus
Omayade Mosque interior. There is a courtyard, a two storey arched side and a tall minaret.

Omayade Mosque Courtyard, Damascus
A small structure of two storeys. The lower storey is arched, the first floor has a terrace and there is a pitched roof.

Damascus street scene
A street scene with a tram, pedestrians and a cobbled street,

Two Arab teachers, School of Sheiks, Damascus
Two Arab teachers at the school of Sheiks. Behind is a tall arched structure.

Street scene, Damascus
A street scene with a tram , bus and pedestrians. In the background is a Sinaniyeh Mosque.

Coffee house on Main Street, Damascus
Arab men smoking hookahs at a coffee house at the side of a road busy with pedestrians.

Suk Street, Damascus
A busy market with a minaret in the distance.

Mosque Tekieh, Damascus
A mosque with two minarets and a dome.

List of Damascus photographs
A list of 12 photographs of Damascus in the album.

Cover of Damascus Album
The cover of a collection of 12 photographs of Damascus.
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