Coming back in Bombers



Coming back in Bombers


Newspaper cutting referring to Bomber Command bringing back Army men from Italy in Halifax and Lancaster bombers.

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Coming back in bombers
"Daily Mirror" Reporter
Long before you awoke this morning Lancaster and Halifax bombers were winging their way over the British coast and across France on the same routes they'd taken months ago to bomb the Reich.
But in their bomb-bays were no bombs, the twin Brownings had gone from the gun-turrets, and inside the fuselage were rows of cushions.
For the bombers were off to Italy to bring home Army men, some on leave, and others for demobbing.
Bomber Command of the RAF has agreed to bring home nearly 20,000 men a month. Transport Command too, will fly a big number back.
After six or seven hours in the air all bombers will circle airfields near Naples and Bari before landing to pick up twenty men each for the homeward trip.
All the flying is done by day and at low altitude, so that the men, unused to air travel, will be as little fatigued as possible.
Air crews rest in Italy for a day and a half before making the long trip home.
Only fully trained crews, many with one or two tours of thirty operations to their credit, are picked for the job.



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