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Cutts, Ernest
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14 Items. One oral history interview with Ernest Cutts. Ernest Cutts enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force, and trained as an air gunner in Australia. He flew on 34 operations as a rear gunner with 466 Squadron from RAF Driffield, flying Halifaxes.

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Cutts, E

Collection Items

Ernest Cutts’ air gunner's flying log book
Air gunner's log book for Ernest Cutts, rear gunner, covering the period 23 November 1943 to 21 September 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations and post war flying. He was stationed at RAF West Sale, RAF Litchfield, RAF Marston Moor, RAF…

Ernest Cutts' memoir
Two typewritten pages detailing the life of Ernest Cutts. He was the youngest of seven children, born in NW Victoria, Australia. He enlisted as aircrew on his 18th birthday and was posted to No 1 Recruit Training School in Victoria. Next he went to…

Ernest Cutts
Head and shoulders portrait of Ernest Cutts wearing a cap.

Ernest Cutts
Ern Cutts at the tail of a Halifax 'U again'. He is wearing full flying gear - boots, overalls, helmet and lifejacket. On the turret is a swastika, indicating an enemy aircraft has been shot down.

Sergeant Ernest Cutts
Head and shoulders of portrait of Sergeant Ernest Cutts wearing a side cap.

Gunners loading ammunition
One airman seated in the rear gunner's position with a second airman loading belts of ammunition. Both are wearing full operational uniform - leather jackets, helmet and lifejackets. On the reverse is a modern type written caption 'Rear turret of…

Gunners of 467 Squadron at RAF Metheringham
A group of 20 airmen arranged in three rows. The front row is seated behind two machine guns. The second row is standing and the third row is standing on a bench. In the background are huts and a windsock. Ernest Cutts is front row third from left.…

Halifax 'U again' aircrew and ground crew
A group of seven aircrew standing and four ground crew, crouched in front of a Halifax 'U-again'. Nose art indicates 36 operations. There is a cartoon rabbit holding a bomb and being attacked by a fighter. On the reverse is a modern detailed…

Halifax in flight
An air-to-air photograph of a Halifax in flight above scattered clouds.

Course 39 Gunners No. 3 Bombing and Gunnery School, West Sale.<br /><br />
A group of 20 men arranged in three rows in front of a corrugated iron clad building. They are wearing fatiques with side caps or berets.
On the reverse:
'3 B.A.G.S. West-Sale Course 39 Gunners
Back Row L to R Coxhill. Cutts. Ferguson. Blythe.…

Coming back in Bombers
Newspaper cutting referring to Bomber Command bringing back Army men from Italy in Halifax and Lancaster bombers.

Interview with Ernest Cutts
Ernest Cutts was born in Mallee in Victoria and, at the age of 15, he passed the Commonwealth Public Service Exam, joining the Military Post Office as a civilian junior postal officer. Aged 18, he enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force and went…
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