Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey writes about life at Royal Air Force Inverness including Physical training which consists of trench digging, and the new ‘WAAFs, ATS and WRENS’ that have arrived and improved his social life.





Six page handwritten letter


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[RAF Crest]
HQ.14. Group
[underlined] Scotland [/underlined]
[underlined] Tuesday. 23rd [/underlined]
[underlined] Dear Unk. Others. [/underlined]
Life has once more dropped its [sic] smiling mask and stands revealed in all its [sic] grimness. Once again I feel a horrible brown feeling creeping over me. They – the big white chiefs – have decided we are not as fit as we should be. So the order goes forth. P.T. once a day. But – the only P.T. the boys have had so far is with pick and shovel – digging trenches. I feel worn out – I start tomorrow.
However there are compensations and you
[page break]
can rely on me to do my utmost to let someone else do most of my share. The scenery round here gets better as the summer advances. Bags of new WAAFS – ATS and Wrens. I spend so much time in town making dates I don’t get time to keep‘em. [sic] At present I haven’t found my type. Everyone I taken out has been able to drink me under the table and that don’t work out right somehow. What with bad picking and light nights this airman is getting starved.
There is [sic] a few signs knocking around that there might be a posting for me in a short while. When it comes I suppose I shan’t want to leave. The mob here are a decent bunch and all well trained. Buy their rounds and don’t drink your beer when
[page break]
[RAF Crest]
your backs turned. The only thing is you can’t trust the perishers with your dates. At present its [sic] like a bloody federated house meeting as all bar one of my mates are printers.
How are all my little friends at P.R. going in these days. If Moloney ever goes for a medical they’ll more than likely [deleted] sr [/deleted] sprinkle carbolic on his head to save his brain smelling – its [sic] been dead for years. Has Charlie heard any more of his forthcoming incorporation in the Armed Forces? If he don’t get in a bit lively all the best jobs will have [deleted] hv [/deleted] gone and he’ll finish up being a bloody housemaid in a tank.
The boys that relieved us in the island are having a hell of a time and are shouting
[page break]
like mad for a few volunteers but my hearing is getting very bad these days. If they ever talk of my going back there I shall proceed to have a baby on the old mans’ doormat. I am almost one of the sights of Inverness now and the local council would complain about the removal of ancient monuments if I was shifted.
Since starting this literary gem I have had a parcel of books from you – many thanks. Also another letter – there are two or more dirty cracks too many in that letter and unless you want me to flay you in a personal and private letter to the rest of the chapel – I should lay off. Some of the news is interesting – that bit about them having holidays. Hardly what you could call a change.
You also remark that there is a possibility
[page break]
[RAF Crest]
of Brother George bursting into a letter. As a matter of fact I dont [sic] give a hoot in hell if he bursts into flames. As for your remarks about my gadding about with the “so called smart sex” Listen. I have enough bother defending my honour with them without having to explain my actions in an open letter. If you think I have got time to defend myself on two fronts you are mistaken. If you get your explanations – I shall have to give way to the importuning I suffer and become a ruined man.
As I have so often remarked there is sweet F.A. doing up here. I have had my feet on the ground the whole while and I don’t think there will be a lot doing in the flying way for a while. But as long as you boys are holding the fort down there I know I shall be safe
[page break]
and able to ease the war along nice and steady. At present I am doing very well thank you. Remember me to all the herbs – opa’s etc [sic] Ask Bert to send that photo back as I want to do some fixing.
Three cheers Pete
P.S. If Charlie can spare a few there is a terrific shortage up here and I am on my last. He knows what I want.



Peter Lamprey, “Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 22, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/6642.

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