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Peter Lamprey writes about life at Royal Air Force Tiree including the weather, the locals and the arrival of the boat. He concludes with banter to his friends and acquaintances.

Peter Lamprey writes a funny rhyming poem to his former work mates.

Peter Lamprey writes about life at Royal Air Force Inverness including Physical training which consists of trench digging, and the new ‘WAAFs, ATS and WRENS’ that have arrived and improved his social life.

Peter Lamprey writes from Royal Air Force Inverness to his workmates in London.

Peter Lamprey writes to his work mates complaining about life and hoping to get leave to visit them. He also mentions that some personnel have left for the next stage of training and he might be soon to follow.

Peter Lamprey writes about how fed up he is with life at Royal Air Force Inverness. He chastises his work mates for not writing to him.

Peter Lamprey writes that he is still at Royal Air Force Tiree and the weather has generally been good apart from the wind. He concludes with friendly banter.

Peter Lamprey writes that he hopes his tour is nearly at an end, comments on his love life and notes that the Navy, Army and Air Force Institute is now selling beer.

Peter Lamprey writes about his life at Royal Air Force Tiree including the weather and he teases his former workmates.

Peter Lamprey writes that he has received no letters for three weeks from usual correspondents. He mentions the weekly film night and that he hopes to leave Tiree soon and return to Inverness.

Peter Lamprey writes about life on Tiree including the terrible weather and having to stay on to train new operators.

Peter Lamprey writes complaining about life at Royal Air Force Yatesbury. In particular that his course has not started and they are doing fatigue duties in the mean time.

Peter Lamprey writes complaining about the quality of beer, the weather and hard work on Tiree. He then writes to catch up with friends and includes friendly banter. The letter has been opened by the censor.

Peter Lamprey writes about his journey to and life at Royal Air Force Castle Kennedy, including intensive training and exhaustion.

Peter Lamprey explains that they have not seen so much action this month, Stuttgart being their last target when they met no resistance. The squadron is under strength and the new crews are not yet settled in. He recalls social life and concludes…

Peter Lamprey writes about cancelled operations and a difficult trip to Hanover during which they lost a crew and after which their airfield was bombed. He concludes by asking to be remembered to friends.

Peter Lamprey provides a detailed description of the procedures and emotions of the crew before, during and after an operation..

Peter Lamprey writes that he is continuing with operations over Germany. He complains that the station is a long way from the glamour of big cities although there are some closer hostelries. He concludes with banter and chatter about acquaintances.

Peter Lamprey writes that has moved RAF stations again and has only flown once on an air-test since arriving. He notes that the station has a good mess and food but that it’s a long way to the nearest town.

Peter Lamprey writes that his aircraft was shot at by friendly anti-aircraft gunners but otherwise life was good. He mentions social life and concludes with some banter.

Peter Lamprey starts with some friendly banter and comments that weather has curtailed flying. He notes that there are now many Australians and Canadians on base. He goes on to say he was glad that the rumour of a bomb hitting his previous place of…

Peter Lamprey writes saying flying continues much as before and concludes with the fact that he has heard worrying rumours about his previous employment.

Peter Lamprey writes that they are not flying much at present but have not been able to get any leave. However, they have been able to get into town to the pub. He concludes with general comments on life and offers banter.

Peter Lamprey writes that he has very little free time as most of the time is spent flying.

Peter Lamprey rewrites the story of Goldilocks with a Royal Air Force theme.


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