Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey indicates that he is not impressed with his posting to the Isle of Tiree and moans about the weather, not receiving post and the beer.


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Envelope and seven page handwritten letter


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[postage stamp]

Mr.W. Gunton.
Machine Room.
Waterlow and Sons. Ltd.
Twyford Abbey Road.
Park Royal. London. N.W.10.

[page break]

[Reverse of envelope]

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[RAF Crest]

1384535. A.C. Lamprey. (Signals).
Site 2. Hut 6.
RAF Station.
Isle of Tiree.
[underlined] Argyllshire. [/underlined]

[underlined] Tuesday [/underlined] (I think).

Dear Uncle Bill and [underlined] Others. [/underlined]

Here I am still in this spot set in a silver sea – and I should like it put on record that I wish I wasn’t. After all my aims and ambitions here I am taking the lead in a Robinson Crusoe act. Just one laugh or a smirk from any of my so-called friends and I shall remember it like the proverbial elephant and exact toll when I next visit.

The excitement here grows on one and we have to spend a couple of hours a day on our back to get over it – I don’t think. The

[page break]

liveliest place on the island is the cemetery where they bury someone about every six months. There is a [smudged] gale blowing [/smudged] six days a week and it rains like fun on five. There is more wind about than a chapel meeting when Mr. Hunt has a grievance.

The beauty of this place is that all the letters are one way. I have the advantage that no one can come back at me with a snappy reply. Not that my correspondents have ever evinced the slightest sign of doing such a – to them – disasterous [sic] thing. In fact the majority of my friends seem more concerned with the super-human task of clearing their own characters than attempting to besmirch my lilywhite good name.

Having got over the initial horrifying shock of seeing this island I have had time to look around.

[page break]

[RAF Crest]

[underlined] 3. [/underlined]

The first impression was wrong. The place only looks half as bad as it is. The only beer on the island is “NAAFI” – and tastes like it. If you want 14 days sick leave all you need is a good drunk on it and you’d be a cert case of violent poisoning.

We started off under the impression we should be here for ten days. Having finished the first ten we are wondering just how many more of them we shall have to do. From the looks of things we are getting almost as permanent a fixture in this job as Mr. Evans is in the special sorting. And it is well known just how permanent that is. The only difference is we are not so keen on keeping it. Although from what I can gather if he doesn’t alter his ways a bit and get in earlier somebody will have

[page break]

them sorted before he gets up.

Should this letter not seem to answer any queries anyone might have put lately it will be because I have had no mail for over ten days. I have wired for it to be forwarded but do not expect to get it before Thursday at the very earliest. Should you wish – you can – if your inclinations run to writing – write to the above address but – as I do not know when we shall move and when we do we shall just disappear by plane I should continue to write to Inverness for a while. Although it won’t matter where you write I’ll get ‘em [sic] in the end – I hope.

This side of Scotland is the side that you – my friend - are always cracking about. The next time I see you I would like a few words in confidence just to readjust your

[page break]

[RAF Crest]

[underlined] 5 [/underlined].

ideas as to what constitutes scenery, or a decent view. Your idea of a good view is evidently sand hills with sand between them. Mine is lashings of cinemas and an A.T.S. barracks with a few pubs in the foreground.

The corporal in charge of our party shoots one of the most horrible lines I have ever heard. What he hasn’t been, done or seen is hard to believe. I always get a thrill out of listening to him. If I shut my eyes I almost think I am round No. 7. listening to Brother George, all that is missing is the actions. After this I suppose I shall get the actions next time I call.

I hope the boys are now enjoying their last few days of liberty and I would like to know the three of them were coming here. Life would then hold some joy for me. That is if “old

[page break]

railings” can get by the M.O. without having an operation to have his stomach removed. Not that they haven’t ways and means of reducing said corporation without a knife. Charlie and Cherry should do alright in the same service. They are fond of making things. If they only make mistakes like they make their presents the squad they are in will just love ‘em.[sic] When you write to Bill Smith give him my regards and tell him if he will play at soldiers he’s bound to get hurt. Also if Fred. Baulch should be seen wish him luck.

This I think will be all for a while and if anything happens – which I doubt – I will let you know. Keep your nose clean. Remember me to everyone that matters, also Messrs. Hunt and Ashton. Give my love to the engineers and the OPA’s.

[page break]

[RAF Crest]

Kiss Jack Denny for me.
Heres [sic] fun. Love
[underlined] Pete. [/underlined]

P.S. If anyone has written I will thank them in anticipation and reply when I see the letters.

P.P.S. On second thoughts I’ll thank them after I see the letters.

[underlined] P. [/underlined].



Peter Lamprey, “Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/6567.

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