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Thanks him for his letter and says not to worry about him. Will write again but limited post and nothing happens there anyway. Looking forward to seeing them again sometime.

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Peter Lamprey writes about life at Royal Air Force Tiree including the weather, the locals and the arrival of the boat. He concludes with banter to his friends and acquaintances.

Peter Lamprey writes that he is still at Royal Air Force Tiree and the weather has generally been good apart from the wind. He concludes with friendly banter.

Peter Lamprey writes that he hopes his tour is nearly at an end, comments on his love life and notes that the Navy, Army and Air Force Institute is now selling beer.

Peter Lamprey writes about his life at Royal Air Force Tiree including the weather and he teases his former workmates.

Peter Lamprey writes that he has received no letters for three weeks from usual correspondents. He mentions the weekly film night and that he hopes to leave Tiree soon and return to Inverness.

Peter Lamprey writes about life on Tiree including the terrible weather and having to stay on to train new operators.

Peter Lamprey writes complaining about the quality of beer, the weather and hard work on Tiree. He then writes to catch up with friends and includes friendly banter. The letter has been opened by the censor.

Peter Lamprey writes a light hearted letter to his friends and mentions that he hopes to get back to the mainland soon. The letter has been opened and signed by censor.

Peter Lamprey starts with a poem and continues with some banter. He continues with some light hearted comment on life in general. The letter has been opened and signed by censor.

Peter Lamprey writes complaining that he has had only one letter and that there is no news from his end. He is hoping only to spend 10 days on Tiree and that he was disappointed to miss his leave. He concludes with some light hearted banter.

Peter Lamprey writes that he is back on Tiree and reminds friends that he told them his leave was cancelled. He states that this recent move had curtailed his plans for a great night out in Inverness. He concludes with some banter. The letter has…

Peter Lamprey writes that mail had arrived but unfortunately no cigarettes for the Nary, Army and Air Force Institute. He continues with some banter and comments about life at Tiree. He mentions that a trawler went on the rocks and Royal Air Force…

Peter Lamprey is complaining about the remoteness of the station on Tiree and the lack of entertainment.

Peter Lamprey writes that he has received a large consignment of letters and he includes a poem addressed to some of his correspondents. He concludes with messages to friends.

Peter Lamprey indicates that he is not impressed with his posting to the Isle of Tiree and moans about the weather, not receiving post and the beer.

Peter Lamprey writes about life at Royal Air Force Tiree including the bad weather and terrible beer. He includes a poem about what he has learned in the Royal Air Force and his friends back home.
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