Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father about London life. Mentions playing hockey for King’s II, and hints at legal proceedings. Edna is sailing for India in a week.



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7, Wallace Court,
300, Marylebone Road,
London, N.W.1.,
25th February 1938.
My own darling Daddy,
Thank you for your letter and all your news, and for sending the hockey stick. I am glad to hear you having Marcus up for a time.
I am getting on in my work. During the holidays I will put in good bit of work & try & catch up. I will also have two months after next term, in which to put in some more work and revise what I have done.
On Wednesday I played forward for King’s II. The game was a draw 4-4. I scored all the goals. The game for tomorrow had been cancelled, so I phoned up an old school friend who is in Faraday House & asked for a game. He said he was out playing & told me to go along as his team had one short, but I may not go as they may get a man & then I will not get a game. It all depends on how I feel.
The weather has improved lately and it is quite warm again. Edna came along [deleted] a [/deleted] yesterday to say goodbye as she is sailing for India in a week. She brought her friend Bill along. He is in the Police & is a fine hefty looking fellow & is something like [deleted] m [/deleted] Marcus to look at.
[page break]
I am quite friendly with most of the fellows now and some are very nice. There is a boy from Canada, who has passed his B.A. and another boy has been with an antique dealer for two or three years. I am quite friendly with both of them.
I feel very sorry for the excise people. It must be dreadful for poor Elspeth, and also for the child. If they appeal I do hope they get off but I doubt if the judgement will be overruled. The Daily Telegraph mentioned the name of the first one & said they had got 4 years, & said the rest had got up to three years.
Sorry to hear the rain stopped your tennis, I hope you won when you did play.
Well no more to-day, Love to all, God bless & Keep you & bring you safely to us, With lots of love and Kisses from your loving son
[underlined] David. [/underlined]




David Boldy, “Letter from David Boldy to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 30, 2020, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/483.

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