Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen



Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen


Writes that he planned to go to England later that year. States that he had to see her to give him peace of mind.




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S/Sgt. Ford Killen
Editor, The Beacon
Mitchel Air Force Base
Hempstead, New York
July 12, 1949

Dearest Cathie:

I wouldn’t blame you if you read no further than this; tore up the letter and let it go at that. I’m hoping you won’t take this action..

First, let me say that I am coming to England in September …. by hook or crook ….. I have a booking on the Queen Mary, and the major here says to cancel it … that he can and will get me a flight on an Air Force plane …

These past months have been the most undecided in my life …. but finally I have arrived at the conclusion I want …. at least I hope so. I’m not going to apologize, or even try to explain, what has been going through my mind, but I was determined that nothing would happen so long as I was in that state.

I need you to help me keep this peace of mind …. God knows I shouldn’t ask anyone – especially you -- for help, but I’ve got to see you regardless of what your feelings are now …. regardless of what you may have thought in the past months …. A tremendous load has been removed from my chest and mind …. and now I feel free to take this venture …. I feel that I am now qualified to settle down …. part of the way …. I don’t think I shall ever by a dyed-in-the-wool, stick-in-the-mud …..

I’m even regrowing a mustache [sic] (I started it [deleted] last [/deleted] yesterday, and it should be full-strength in a week) for the trip …. there is so much nostalgia connected with this proposed trip, and so many things I’VE GOT TO DO …. and I just hope that you will be there to do them with me.

But I will be in England during the month of September, excluding transit time …. I’ve already got the wheels rolling ….. I could have done this before, but I was too darn conscientious, thought the paper couldn’t get along without me; allowed it to alienate my family, you, my friends ….. but now I can say I’m a bit wiser ….

I want to tell you, as I’ve told you a hundred times before, if I don’t marry you, I will NEVER marry. That you can believe ……

I hope to be seeing you ….

Love Always,



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