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Reid, Kathleen
Reid, K
Reid, Kathryn
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92 items and a sub-collection with thirty-seven poems/songs. The collection concerns Kathryn (Katy) Reid (Royal Air Force) and contains memoirs, correspondence, poems and photographs. The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by David Stuart Miers Reid and catalogued by Nigel Huckins




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Reid, K

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Kathleen Reid worked in reserved occupation but wanted to join the RAF as a WAAF. She was initially trained as a telephonist but remustered to flight control. Duty meant staying all night in the tower to guide flights home. Then they would be…

Group of airmen at RAF Sutton Bridge
Group of fourteen airmen wearing tunics and side caps. One sitting in front, three kneeling and ten standing in two rows. On the reverse '9 West-End road billets - left to right, Inglis - Penicuik, Reid - Cardenden, Hay - Glasgow, White - Hawick,…

Vera Lynn with Katy and Andrew Reid
Two men wearing civilian suits and a women with Vera Lynn.

Andrew and Katy on Vera’s right side facing the camera. Taken in the 1980s, they were receiving an award from the Post Office for their branch in Shoreham by Sea.


Katy Reid meeting the Queen Mother
A man wearing mayoral robes on left. Next the Queen Mother shaking hands with a curtseying lady to the right while a man and woman look on.

The photo was taken in Stirling in the 1960s when Katy Reid was a town councillor and a bailie (…

Katy Reid
Two head and shoulder portraits of a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force wearing tunic in both and peaked cap only in top photograph.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Record of postings
Shows postings to 1 Group, Binbrook, Sculthorpe, Oulton, Swannington and Church Fenton.

I remember England
Top - photograph showing a Sergeant Frank Yanalevich and Sergeant Ford Killen counting money.
Bottom - part of article by Ford Killen - 'I remember England'.

Receipt for services
Bill and receipt for professional services of to Mrs B Myers from Ellis Bussey, Mellor & Co.

Testimonial for Winifred Myers
Testifies that Winifred Myers was straightforward girl with common-sense who could be relied upon in any position of trust.

Family history dates
List of dates of birth of members of Pawson family. Note at bottom 'My grandfather, Alfred Pawson 1903?, died'.

Essay about Frederick Delius
Written at the age of 13 as author had to give this lecture to class at school. Essay on life and work of Frederick Delius.

Draft notes
Outline draft notes for memoir. Mentions posting, Grimsby, flying control, Lancaster, people, dances, parties, heartbreak, Americans, Heathcliff, removal of camp, posting to Swannington, Mosquito and more.

Night duty Waltham
Gives description of duties and work of R/T operators in flying control at RAF Waltham (Grimsby). Mentions taking notes of all transmissions, giving directional help to pilots and having to divert aircraft due to bad weather.

Letter to Mrs Myers from D Sheehan
On headed notepaper of the national union of operative heating and domestic engineers and general metal workers offering sympathy on the death of Mr Myers.

Letter to K Myers from union general secretary
From the general secretary of the national union of operative heating, domestic and ventilating engineers and general metal workers sympathising over the death of her father.

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Writes about breaking up with girlfriend. Goes on about book he is writing based on Wuthering Heights and asks her to supply information on everything about the real Wuthering Heights to help him. Mentions recent letter he sent and that he will send…

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Mentions death of President Roosevelt and his feelings about it. Writes about subsequent activities on base. Continues letter after break. Mentions getting all the newspapers and comments on president's death. Comments on show he went to see and…

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Writes that he had spent time in Louisiana and that it was a long time since he had written in longhand. Comments on weather and says he buys every Vera Lynn record. Writes about shows he has seen. Continues with long rambling passage on thoughts and…

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Starts by describing his desire to be with her. Continues with long rambling description of his feelings, thoughts and activities. Mentions meeting a buddy and talking over times in England. Concludes saying how miserable he had been not hearing from…

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Writes about her recent letters. Mentions poor state of things in England and reminisces over his time there. Writes about the last time he saw her and his journey back to the United States. Continues to express his feelings for her and speculates on…

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Writes of parcel he is sending her for Christmas in which he could not enclose a makeup set due to high customs duty required. Mentions mail embargo in the United States and its consequences. Then relates what is in the package and how he decided on…

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Writes that he planned to go to England later that year. States that he had to see her to give him peace of mind.

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Aplogises for letter and says he was not well. Writes of film he had seen and describes plot. Follows rambling section on his feelings, thoughts and memories. Mentions activities and expresses his feeling for her. After break in letter describes his…

Letter from Ford Killen
Comments on current weather and reminisces over time in England. Writes about his literary work which is based on her. Outlines plot and writes about music. Continues with more reminisces. Mentions speaking to army recruiting officer and speculates…

Letter to Cathie from Ford Killen
Quotes from a poem and wishes her happy upcoming Christmas. Speculates on her coming to the United States and possible future. Mentions his worse traits. Says he has looked at other girls but keeps remembering her who made him so happy. Continues…
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