Letter to Kathie from Arthur



Letter to Kathie from Arthur


Replies to letter he received from her on return from leave. Notes a few new faces on his return. Hoping for an end to war and looking forward to time he could call himself and ex-serviceman. Writes of his activities. Asks after her at her new camp. Signed Arthur.



Four-page handwritten letter


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[Royal Air Force crest]

159-715 Sgt A Truscott
C/O. Sgt’s Mess
RAF Grimsby

Friday 11/2/44

My Dear Kathie, Having just returned from another leave, I was somewhat cheered to find a letter waiting for me from you, I was beginning to think you’d forgotten all about me, however, I’m glad you haven’t.

In the first place young lady, the name is Arthur, not Sgt Truscott, when I first opened your letter, I thought it was an income tax return or something as ghastly, so please remember that.

[page break]


Waltham is just the same as ever, although there are quite a lot of new faces, business has been rather brisk, too brisk for my liking, but I always think after every “op” that’s one more nearer the end of this blue pencil war, and Im [sic] longing for the day when I can call myself an ex-serviceman.

The “Kings Head” is still as busy as ever, although I have’nt [sic] been patronising it lately, as a matter of fact I’ve only consumed about two pints of bitter since Christmas, cider’s the attraction these days, and being a West

[page break]


Countryman, I can take it!!

How do you like your new camp? Im [sic[ sure you’ll have settled down by now and made numerous friends, but I must say Im [sic] awfully disappointed you did’nt [sic] come back to your beloved Waltham, as I’ve been looking forward a great deal to seeing you again, however that just can’t be helped, can it?

Well Kathie, I’m afraid

[page break]


my letter writing is like my dancing, very ropey, so I’ll close for now, please write again soon as a letter from you is very welcome.

Cheerio for now

Yours very sincerely


P.S. pardon the envelope, but its all the [indecipherable word] here.



“Letter to Kathie from Arthur,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 17, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/39806.

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