Scrapbook page people and aircraft



Scrapbook page people and aircraft


Top left - airman wearing battledress standing by gate in wooden fence with house in the background. Captioned '?'.
Top left/centre - man wearing civilian jacket and tie by the fuselage of a York. Captioned 'Postwar ? Cosford'.
Top right/centre - seven aircrew by the tail plane of a b-24. captioned 'Landed behind German lines to deliver food to troops, last op'.
Top right - man in sailing boat holding sheet. captioned 'Norman photo of JC on lake near Ishmila [sic] NR, Abu Suier King Farouk's old yacht'.
Bottom left - two airmen sitting on a rock with sphinx and pyramid in the background. Captioned 'Egypt 45'.
Bottom left/centre - man in civilian dress point up to the tail plane of a York. Captioned 'Postwar Cosford'.
Bottom right/centre - an airman with life preserver and holding a flying helmet, sitting on a chair in front of a tent. Captioned 'typical line shooting photo to send home - "me in flying gear on bomber sqdn", Norman first sqdn in Italy'.
Right middle - airborne view out of aircraft of two starboard engines. Captioned 'Flying exercise 4 Tiger Force JC photo box camera'.
Bottom right - close up view of remains of crashed and burned aircraft. Captioned '1st Lincoln bomber to replace libs fot Tiger Force Japan, crashed on Abu Suier runway 1945'. [nb. actually a Lancaster Mk 7 NX732 which crashed 11 April 1946]

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Nine b/w photographs mounted on a scrapbook page


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