Scrapbook page aircraft and people



Scrapbook page aircraft and people


Top left - large group of airmen wearing battledress posing in front of a B-24. Captioned 'Don't know, early lib with front turret, UK Sqdn? Blue uniform'.
Top centre - man holding sheet in sailing boat. Captioned 'on Lake Timsa, 45'.
Top right - two airmen with no shirts standing either side of local man. Captioned 'Nip + Dixon Abu Suier 45'.
Bottom left Airmen and local troops with camels and pyramid in the background. Captioned 'Egypt 45 JC + Norman holding camels'.
Middle centre and bottom centre - two views of a crashed Lincoln. Captioned 'Lincoln crash' and 'Lincoln crash 45' [nb. actually it is Lancaster Mk 7 NX732 which crashed 11 April 1946].
Bottom right - seven airmen, some without shirts, sitting and standing by the tail plane of a B-24. Captioned 'behind Nazi front line 45'.

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Seven b/w photographs mounted on a scrapbook page


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