Oates, James


Oates, James
J Oates


91 items. The collection concerns Warrant Officer James Oates (1489926 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, documents and photographs. He flew paratrooper drops and glider towing operations as a navigator with 196 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Gina E Welsh and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Oates, J

Collection Items

The Star, June 6th 1944
A newspaper published on D-day with news of the invasion.

Jimmy Oates, Chas King, Jim Metcalf and grandchildren
Three veterans and two grandchildren.

Stirling Aircrew Reunion
#1 is five veterans. Each man is named.
#2 is two veterans, named as Chuck & Roy Minchin.
#3 is seven veterans standing in a street.

Horsa, Stirling and Airmen
#1 is a flying Stirling with D-day stripes.
#2 is a flying Horsa with D-day stripes.
#3 is a group of airmen annotated with their names.

Stirling and Horsa Airmen
#1 is twelve airmen and soldiers at the entrance to a Horsa glider. Each man is named.
#2 is a mix of airmen and a soldier. Each man is named. They are sitting on a jeep.
#3 is seven airmen, annotated with their names. Behind is a Stirling.

Stirling Airmen
#1 is six airmen with three men named.
#2 is six airmen and all the men are named.
#3 is six airmen, all named with nationalities, two are noted as dead. Behind is a Stirling.
#4 is six airmen in front of a Stirling. They are named and their trade…

Ouistreham and Port de L'Orne
Two reconnaissance photographs of the area to the south and east of Ouistreham and Port de L'Orne. The two photographs overlap.
#1 which is marked "Neg No 38858" shows the Ouistreham Estuary at the top with the Canal de Caen a la Mer running top to…

Airman and Bride
A wedding photograph of an airman and his bride. It is annotated 'To Jimmie with best wishes from Ena and Ben 7/7/45'.

Bruxelles - Maison du Roi
A postcard of 'The King's House' in Brussels.

11 Airmen and Soldiers
A group of airmen and soldiers at the entrance to a Horsa glider. On the reverse each man is named with some of their fates.

A three quarter length portrait of an unidentified airman.

54 Group Cartoon Badge
A cartoon of 54 group featuring a civilian and an airman, toilet pans, a fake Latin motto, 9 Flight A Squadron and Bridgnorth.

Stirling in Flight
An air-to-air starboard side view of a Stirling.

Spitfire and Airman
An airman standing beside a Spitfire, 'AZ-R' of 234 Squadron.

Five Airmen and a Crashed Stirling
The five men are wearing flying kit. The Stirling is behind them.

Pilot Leaning out of Stirling Cockpit
A pilot leaning out of a Stirling cockpit. An elephant is painted on its nose.

Two Airmen in Cockpit
Two pilots in the cockpit of a Stirling. They have half-turned to face the camera.

Four Airmen and a Crashed Stirling
Four airmen standing by a crashed Stirling.

Airman and Skeleton
A sergeant airman sitting down with a skeleton draped round his shoulders.

Five Airmen
Five airmen with arms linked round shoulders. They are standing outside a hut.

A half length portrait of an airman.

A half-length portrait of a pilot.

Air Gunner
A half-length portrait of an air gunner.

36 Airmen
36 airmen arranged in four rows in front of a garage door. Each man has been named. Underneath is captioned 'Sections 3 & 4'.

20 Airmen
20 airmen arranged in three rows under the front of an aircraft. On the reverse is 'J Oates. Back. Middle'.
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