Cook's tour photographs



Cook's tour photographs


Left page:
Top - oblique aerial photograph of a bombed city with destroyed buildings.
Middle left - smaller version of enlarged photograph above. Captioned 'Lancaster flight from Skipton-on-Swale on a sight seeing trip over the Ruhr, shells of houses in bombed unidentified city (enlargement above), 3.7.45'.
Middle right - oblique aerial photograph of a bombed city with destroyed industrial area. Captioned 'Lancaster trip 3.7.45 from Skipton unidentified bombed cities - factories'.
Bottom left - oblique aerial photograph of a bombed dock area. Captioned 'Lancaster flight as above, unidentified docks area. Peter recorded these prints on his camera 1997'.
Bottom right - oblique aerial photograph of a bombed city with destroyed industrial area and houses. Captioned 'Lancaster trip as above. Unidentified fire bombed factory, small homesteads or a small [....] at the bottom'.
Right page:
Top left - oblique aerial photograph of a memorial in open ground. Captioned 'Lancaster trip, Vimy Ridge memorial seen on return flight - following Bonn then Aachen and over Vimy'.
Second row left - oblique aerial photograph of Cologne with cathedral, railway station and destroyed buildings. Captioned 'Lancaster trip 3.7.45, Cologne with bridge down, station at left and the cathedral only standing tall'.
Second row right - view down ship making smoke. Captioned 'Photograph given by Jack Nutting who served on HMS Foxhound'.
Third row left - view of distant aircraft carrier at sea. Captioned 'The Ark Royal presumably from HMS Foxhound'.
Third row right - view from ship of distant shoreline with smoke in centre. Captioned 'From Jack. The second battle of Narvik - seen from the Foxhound'.
Bottom left - view of side of a naval ship at sea. Captioned 'If Jack Nutting took this photograph presumably this was from and not towards his own ship. Therefore this one not known. Post-it note attached with 'Warspite' Supplementary note supplied by donor 'Note identifying ship as HMS Warspite is incorrect, ship is probably HMS Renown'.
Bottom right - view from ship of distant shoreline wit smoke rising. Captioned 'The second battle of Narvik probably as seen from HMS Foxhound'.



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Twelve b/w photographs mounted on two album pages


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