John Hitchcock's DFC



John Hitchcock's DFC


John Hitchcock's DFC, presentation case and a newspaper cutting explaining why it was awarded to him.



One medal and presentation case and one newspaper cutting


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[newspaper cutting]
Evasive Action

Act. Flt. Lt. G.L.R. HEYWOOD, R.N.Z.A.F., No. 75 (N.Z.) Sqn. – This officer is an excellent gunner and gunnery leader. On one occasion, when his aircraft was attacked by fighters, he gave his pilot a calm and accurate commentary on the movements of his assailants, and was largely instrumental in ensuring the eventual escape of the aircraft from damage.
Act. Flt. Lt. J.S. HITCHCOCK, R.A.F.V.R., No. 78 Sqn. – This officer has completed a very large number of operational sorties. On several occasions he has returned in a badly damaged aircraft. Flt. Lt Hitchcock, throughout two tours of operational duty, has displayed outstanding qualities of enthusiasm and devotion to duty.

[newspaper cutting]
[missing words] – During the many night operations this officer has been engaged upon, his work as navigator has been conspicuous for its skill and determination. He has guided his captain through the enemy defence to release his bombs with unvarying accuracy, achieving excellent results.
Act. Flt. Lt. T.W. BLAIR, R.A.F.V.R., No. 83 Sqn. – Flt. Lt. Blair has completed a very large number of operational sorties, during which he has attacked such heavily defended targets as Berlin, Essen, Hamburg, Bremen and Cologne. On one occasion, during a daylight attack on Danzig, despite appalling weather, he successfully guided his pilot to the target and safely back. On at least two other occasions, when his aircraft was illuminated by searchlights and hit by anti-aircraft fire, this officer’s able assistance enabled his pilot to complete the mission successfully and obtain some excellent photographs.


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