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The scarf worn by Albert Frederick Nye during his time serving as a mid upper gunner with 207 Squadron. He said that he had worn it on all his operations and can be seen wearing it in photographs in this collection. Bert continued to wear the scarf…

Orange identity disk (dog tag) for 1896919 N Powell

Cloth badge 104 squadron motto strike hard.

Cloth badge with dragon standing on globe. 614 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

Three individual decorations: 1939–1945 Star , Italy Star and War Medal 1939–1945 and brown OHMS envelop addressed to NI Powell.

Four decorations court mounted. 1939–1945 Star , Italy Star, Defence Medal and War Medal 1939–1945. Back and front.

RAF Side cap

Three airmen wearing khaki uniform with sergeant rank crouching down, with dogs, all in front of a lorry.

Photograph album front cover

Front and rear photograph album covers

Both sides of Ted's Dog Tags

Ted's RAF badge


A pin issued to Ted for parachuting to safety.

Two views of Ted's box opened revealing its contents.
There is a head and shoulders portrait of Ted with his POW number, 16865, printed on. There is a post it note with 'POW Germany Ted Thornhill 1943-1945'.
Inside the box is a Caterpillar Club pin…

Six views of Ted's box used for storing badges.
#1 has F/Sgt Thornhill on the front with flags of the USA, United Kingdom and USSR on the top.
#2 has F/Sgt Thornhill on the front.
#3 is the side with Stalag IVB.
#4 is the back showing the…

A Players Navy Cut cigarette tin which contained rank and metal badges plus a small stamp collection on a card marked 'The language of Stamps'.

#1 A list of Edward's medals and the box they came in.
#2 The five medals awarded to Edward.
1939 to 1945 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, France and Germany Star
War Medal 1939 to 1945.

Twenty four men, twenty two wearing Royal Flying Corp uniform and two wearing naval uniform. Some have pilot's brevet and wear flying helmets. Captioned 'Bob Palmer (Sr) back row, fourth from right'. This image of Palmer was enlarged and mounted as…

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Seven newspaper cuttings with two notices of thanks, an announcement of award of Victoria Cross and four in memory. Four British 20p postage stamps featuring the Victoria Cross and Distinguished Flying Cross (2 of each).

Rear cover of album

Album cover with title 'Squadron Leader R.A.M. Palmer VC, DFC, RAFVR'.

Bach and front of 5 franc note with names listed and message 'thanks for the lift'.

Circular slide rule for Bristol Hercules VI engine economic fuel consumption indicator and leather case.

A certificate of membership awarded to Ron after his escape by parachute.

A pennant for the 40th anniversary of D Day. On the front are the flags of UK, USA, Canada and France. On the reverse a landing craft and 'Normandy France 1944-1984 June 6th 1944 - First Day of the French Liberation by the Allied Forces'.
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