H T Hathaway, J R Perkins, and E W Perkins



H T Hathaway, J R Perkins, and E W Perkins


Top left - newspaper cutting with b/w full face portrait, concerning Sergeant H T Hathaway RAF who had been reported missing.
Top right - newspaper cutting with b/w photograph of eight men in uniform, one in suit and tie (middle front row) and another wearing suit with mayoral chain as well as two women in back row. Caption partially obscured by another cutting.
Bottom left - newspaper cutting - Oxford pilot, thought killed, is prisoner. Includes two b/w full face portraits of sergt-observer J R Perkins and sergt-pilot E W Perkins.
Bottom right - son died of wounds, is in hospital - small newspaper cutting stating that Mr and Mrs Perkins were relieved to learn their son was still alive.





Four newspaper cuttings mounted on an album page


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Sergt. H.T. Hathaway, R.A.F., who has been reported missing on operations, is 19 years of age and the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Hathaway, of 38, Speedwell - street, Oxford. He was educated at South Oxford School and before joining the R.A.F. was employed as a porter at Jesus College.

[photograph] [photograph]
Sergt. – Observer J.R. Perkins and Sergt. – Pilot E.W. Perkins

A group take at Oxford Town [missing words] a civic welcome to Oxford’s repatriated prison[[missing words] are the Mayor of Oxford (Coun. Mrs. White), [missing words] Sherriff (Coun. D. Oliver) [missing words]

Son died of Wounds, [missing words] is in Hospital

Edward by Messrs. Stephensons, of Botley – road, Oxford.

Mr. Perkins’ third son, Roy, aged 18, is in the Home Guard.

Mr. and Mrs. Perkins were both very relieved to learn that their son was still alive, and wrote to the Records Office of the R.A.F. to inform them of the news.

They have received no official notification from the War Office of their son’s safety.


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